Color your hair

Today there are dyes for all tastes, but it is useless to have a spectacular tone if it is not specifically and very persistently protected, since repeated chemical treatments sensitize the fiber and weaken the hair

Certainly there is to choose from: all shades of blonde, chocolates, chestnut, red, very black ... but repeated coloring, as well as highlights sensitize the hair fiber and the same color, so we must provide intensive and specific care to the hair dyed to keep its color, shine and softness.

One of the most important gestures for colored hair is hydration to avoid porosity, opacity and hair dryness. It is essential to wash your head with a shampoo for colored hair and apply nourishing masks at least once a week. On the beach or in the pool, the adverse effects on the hair are intensified, so you should intensify the care: moisturizing products with sunscreen are ideal to minimize the impact of the sun and salt water, as well as chlorine. It does not hurt to cover your head with a hat, scarf or cap under a hot sun. In hairdressers they offer products specially formulated for colored hair, ask your trusted stylist.

As part of the hair beauty routine, after washing with a mild shampoo and rinsing with the conditioner or nourishing mask, when drying it is advisable to apply a styling cream that protects the color, there is a choice on the market.

Finally, start first: painting your hair with a quality dye is the first step towards healthy hair, in the shade you have chosen to wear it. Then comes the rest.


Allow about 50 to 60 days between one color and another, this prevents premature hair exhaustion.

Apply a cream bath every 15-20 days with products formulated for your hair type.

Respect the 3Rs that stylists proclaim: revitalize, hydrate and restructure hair after each color.

Rinse hair preferably with warm or cold water, avoid hot.

Before drying or ironing your hair, apply styling creams, they are very effective in protecting it.

Take extra care when detangling your hair. Masks, styling creams, and conditioners make this easy.

Ask your stylist what type of products to use for your specific hair needs. Its worth it.



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