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With good habits you can minimize the effects of cellulite

Without warning, cellulite settles on the buttocks, hips, abdomen, and, with age, even knees and arms. It doesn't go away on its own. You have to fight it. Hated and suffered by most women, cellulite, also called orange peel, is the accumulation of fat in the form of nodules and dimples. This dysfunction, with a rough and rough appearance, is nothing more than an alteration of the adipocytes -cells specialized in storing energy in the form of fat- that increase in size, compressing everything around them and hindering blood and lymphatic circulation, making it difficult to oxygenation, drainage and evacuation of toxins. The disorder multiplies when the extravasated glucose causes a deterioration in collagen and elastin. The result is aged skin, inflexible, dull and dehydrated.

This excess fat, which usually appears in adolescence, increases during pregnancy and skyrockets at times of hormonal imbalance, is very easy to identify, but difficult to combat and even more difficult to find out why it appears. Dr. Mar Mira, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, explains that this “cumbersome aesthetic problem is closely linked to the female genetic code and is suffered by 98% of women around the world in silence. Not only does it accumulate on the skin of women with excess kilos, thin ones also suffer from it. Among the factors that contribute to its appearance are circulatory problems, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes and stress.

There is still no magic formula that will eliminate it forever. “It is more a question of attitude, perseverance, changes in habits”, Sofía Ruiz del Cueto, also an expert in aesthetic medicine and who comments that, once settled in the skin, it is difficult to get rid of cellulite. “There are no miracles, but it can be improved. The ideal is to draw up a plan to combat it daily, otherwise it will return. A proper diet, exercise, the daily use of anti-cellulite and personalized aesthetic treatments with state-of-the-art machines are the most appropriate protocols”.

There are three types of cellulite: incipient, which is really very superficial and can be easily combated; the soft or flaccid that can present a little more resistance; and the edematous, which usually causes pain and some swelling and which must be combated immediately. Many women think of liposuction –aspiration of subcutaneous fat cells- as the most radical and effective solution to get rid of cellulite, “but the desired results are not always achieved, it simply improves by 50%. Liposuction serves to remove fat, not to eradicate what is known as orange peel”, explains Mar Mira, who comments that if cellulite is identified as being caused by food, it is necessary to adopt a diet based on the selection of foods that produce the least amount of toxins possible.


"To achieve light and slender legs, the vicious circle between poor circulation and accumulation of fat must be broken," explains Dr. Javier Moreno Mora. And he adds that you should start by adopting these good habits:

• Eat foods rich in fiber and low in fat such as fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and legumes.

• Consume two liters of water a day.

• Avoid hot water baths, as well as direct heat sources. Cold showers promote return circulation. Walks along the seashore are very beneficial.

• Practice light sports such as swimming and bicycling. Taking the stairs and brisk walking for an hour each day is another option. Skip high-impact exercises.

• Put your legs up for twenty minutes at the end of the day and avoid standing for long hours, since it makes drainage difficult and favors edema in the legs due to the force of gravity.

• You should not abuse salt and coffee.

• It is not recommended to eat sausages, cured cheeses and sweets.

• The intake of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited.

• Five-minute walks between hours and hours are recommended.

• Control contraceptives and avoid tight clothing and high heels.

• Regulates intestinal transit.

• It is highly recommended to receive massages, since it increases the collecting capacity of the lymphatic ganglions, true collection stations and cleaning of the organism.


Swimming is one of the best physical activities if you are looking to lose weight and eliminate cellulite. All physical activity or the same maintenance of life need energy, these calories that feed the muscles and the whole organism come from the energy reserves that the body accumulates, some in the form of fat (in some cases, cellulite) and others in the form of glycogen. Also, the sauna, in addition to being an ally against cellulite, provides various benefits, increasing defenses and eliminating viruses and tumor cells, it is de-stressing, releases endorphins, helps fight insomnia and improves breathing.

NOTE: Give up a sedentary life and spend hours and hours in front of the computer or TV.

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