Canine pedicure

If you hear a click, click, click when your dog comes, check his paws because the nails are most likely very long and create problems. The well-being of our pet goes through the care of their nails

It is very important for the well-being of our dog to maintain his nails.

• Trim them regularly, which should preferably be done by your vet. This cut must be done with care and with the right equipment, because if it is cut too deep, it will be raw, and this part contains nerves and blood vessels. You should not think about cutting the claw, but about dulling the tip. Many nail injuries happen when the owner accidentally cuts too close to the meat.

• If our dog has just broken a nail and bleeds, wash the area very well, apply an antibacterial ointment and carry out periodic treatments until it heals.

• Trim the nails of the dewclaws together with the others, since as they do not suffer wear, they can grow too much, and even get stuck in something, which could present a serious injury.

• If the nail gets buried in the flesh or by some accident it is pulled out, it may be necessary to resort to surgery. If for some reason, bleeding occurs that does not stop within ten minutes, wrap the area in a gauze bandage and see the vet.

• Bacterial infections can cause deformed or abnormal nail growth. Let us be attentive to the paws of our dog, accustoming him from puppies to touching his paws and fingers, as this way he will not rebel against the manipulation of his nails and will be more docile each time he has to have a "pedicure".

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