Beauty with coconut

From the palm family, the coconut is the fruit obtained from the coconut tree and very common in Latin America, with characteristics that make it unique: it has multiple uses and variants that range from the elaboration of beauty products, to benefits for the health, as well as being a great ingredient in the kitchen.

It has a lot of aroma and more flavor. Ingested in moderation, it is good for many things, in addition to being used for the production of beauty products. Coconut is multifaceted, a product that goes far beyond that exotic hard-skinned oval that beautifies beaches around the world.

In the opinion of Diana Andere, nutritionist and author of the books "Eat, enjoy and lose weight", coconut is good because it is an extremely nutritious food. Its oil is an ideal alternative in the stove because it resists very high temperatures.

Andere explains that it also “helps you lose weight if you eat in adequate amounts and in combination with a healthy diet. The fat in coconut oil has fewer calories than other fats. Each gram of coconut oil has 6.8 kilocalories, while 1 gram of most fats has between 8.37 and 9.02 kilocalories.

In addition, coconut oil is composed mostly of medium chain fatty acids, which are burned immediately for energy, so they are not easily stored in the body. But that's not all: grated coconut is a very simple element to get and that can be a great ally to combat your dry skin. For this, you only need one tablespoon of grated coconut, two tablespoons of natural yogurt, and about five drops of almond oil.

The expert recommends eating or drinking coconut to have a balanced diet. Especially the extra virgin coconut oil. What is not recommended is to consume coconut sweets, which are full of sugar.


Pau Oller, physiotherapist and specialist in regenerative therapy, the nutritional composition of coconut, which varies as it matures. "It is the most caloric fruit that exists: 100 grams of ripe coconut has 360 calories, of which 40 grams are fat, 4 grams of protein and 15 grams of carbohydrates, of which 10 grams are dietary fiber and 5 grams are sugars. It is also necessary to highlight the large amount of minerals it contains, mainly potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus ”. Among the benefits of consuming coconut fruit, the specialist highlights:

<br>•  Promotes the use of fat as an energy source

<br>•  Blood lactate levels are lowered, indicating lower acidity during exercise.

<br>• Sufficient caloric intake so as not to enter a "savings" state.

• Fit favors lipid metabolism or, what is the same, the use of fat reserves as a source of energy.

<br>• It causes a feeling of satiety.

<br>•  Very useful in children, to ensure a very healthy growth of bones and teeth.

<br>• It is a food for children, athletes and active people who have a healthy life and follow a paleo diet, based mainly on meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts and fruit.


Coconut oil is also used to hydrate the skin, and coconut milk serves as a moisturizer. Ideal for making masks. Its oil can be applied to dry or parched areas, such as the knees or elbows. This way they are moisturized and softened. Coconut oil, applied by gently massaging the scalp, prevents the appearance of dandruff thanks to its antibacterial properties.

In addition, the coconut hair mask is rich in nutrients that provide excellent hydration, as well as an extra shine for your hair. Those who use it often, also highlight its great regenerative capacity, which translates into rapid hair growth that, in addition, makes it stronger and healthier. To make a nourishing mask from coconut oil, follow these steps:

<br>• Mix in a bowl a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt and as many of coconut oil.

<br>• When you have obtained a homogeneous mixture, apply it on clean and damp hair.

<br>• Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then remove it with warm water.

<br>• You can also add a few drops of aloe vera if your hair suffers from severe flaking and the ends are very dry.



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