Beautiful hygiene

Keeping the skin clean so that the products penetrate is a daily task. Dedicating 10 minutes, when night falls, to clean or exfoliate the skin of the face is vital to remove makeup, sweat and traces of pollution that have accumulated throughout the day. By doing a good cleaning we will limit those factors that make the skin lose its radiance and prevent it from absorbing the treatments we apply.

The beautician Adela Martínez advises applying facial hygiene twice a day, in the morning and at night, but with products that do not damage the tissues and that provide repairing and calming care. "The result is a more toned and hydrated skin," she says, indicating that, after two weeks, it surpasses the results of a chemical "peel".

Statistics show that there is a low percentage of women who buy cleaning products as opposed to other cosmetic products, forgetting a maxim: "without cleaning, there is no beauty," says the specialist.

The cleansing foam is indicated for combination skin due to its sebum-regulating component to mitigate, while the cleansing milk and the toning lotion are ideal for dry skin, thanks to the combination of creamy milk.

After cleansing, the skin breathes and its cell turnover improves, one reason why some dermatologists consider facial cleansing the best beauty secret. A high percentage of women clean their face in the shower, where it is not possible to completely remove makeup, and the well-known “panda eyes” appear, that is, the remnants of mascara all over the face. On the market there are many products whose ingredients, based on water, incorporate moisturizing substances as well as other water-soluble components that facilitate rinsing, as well as oils that take care of the skin. The recommendation is to use it before going to bed to cleanse, hydrate and nourish the face and hands.


The worst thing you can do to your face is fall asleep with the makeup you used all day. It is necessary to remove make-up and wash the face. Otherwise, you will suffer from infections in the eyes and on your face, such as acne and the appearance of itching (small red pimples on the skin). If to this you add a balanced diet; drink two and a half liters of natural water and reduce the intake of junk food, your skin will look smooth, hydrated and free of impurities.

After cleansing, the skin breathes and improves cell renewal.



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