Against the skin of "jelly"

The flaccidity that appears in the bodies with the passage of time, is a condition that both men and women suffer. The causes are varied, but among the most frequent is the loss of efficiency of collagen and elastin, proteins that support the skin and keep it elastic, toned and attached to the muscles. This deficiency is aggravated by hormonal changes, obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet and little rest.
Another important factor is excessive exposure to the sun. When the skin is clear, it is very sensitive, which causes sunlight to destroy collagen and elastin, which also causes wrinkles and blemishes. It begins around 35 years of age and manifests itself with facial and neck folds, resulting in the dreaded double chin. Also, the morphology of the face influences its presentation. Thus, for example, angular and low-fat faces under the skin have a lower incidence of this condition than those that contain large amounts of fat on the cheeks or under the chin, since having greater volume and weight can present relaxation at younger ages.
"Diet is another factor of great importance in the health of the skin. There is more and more evidence that a healthy and balanced diet, with natural products and with regular schedules helps to maintain a healthy body - comments the esthetician María Ángel Gil, from the “Gil Cosmética” aesthetic center, and who highlights that stress is another of the enemies to overcome because it causes the body to tighten, although it is in the face where the wrinkles are reflected, because the skin is thinner.
Just as the causes are diverse, the solutions are also diverse, and if they are combined the results will be more efficient. A first remedy is to ingest antioxidants, a valuable weapon against aging. For this reason, the consumption of citrus fruits, fish, walnuts, pistachios, and vitamins such as C, D and E is recommended; drink significant amounts of water and limit alcohol and tobacco use. The next point is physical activity. "Aerobic exercises are excellent for elasticity. Swimming is one of the best known body toners, it activates 100% of the muscles, induces relaxation, increases oxygenation and lung capacity, "says the expert.

Flaccidity is one of the problems that most worries many women, and that manifests itself in various areas of our bodies, such as the buttocks, breasts, arms, and especially the abdomen. Obesity, repeated pregnancies and sedentary life are the great enemies of our abdomen. But there is no need to throw in the towel, because the skin has a large amount of elastic fibers and a great capacity for recovery. If we regularly perform gymnastics, postpartum exercises and hydrate the skin sufficiently, we will be able to delay the appearance of the dreaded flaccidity and avoid the formation of stretch marks. It is necessary to distinguish if the flaccidity of the one that speaks is purely cutaneous, as the one that occurs after a great loss of weight or a pregnancy. In this case, the best option to fight it is the use of firming creams and, as an extra help, finish each shower with cold water, which tones and strengthens the skin.
Abdominals are recommended to restore firmness to the skin. For best results in the exercises, remember that you must vary them and increase their difficulty, the only way to progress and strengthen the muscles, without stagnating at the same level. It is very important that this type of exercise is carried out in a very rigorous and exact way, so as not to damage the back and neck muscles. In addition, you must exercise both the upper and lower abs and the obliques, often forgotten, and which, well toned, give definition to the waist.

ARMS: With a liter and a half (or less) bottle of water in each hand, look straight ahead and raise your arms to shoulder height. Hold the position for a few seconds and lower your arms until you reach the thighs, without touching them. Repeat the exercise 15 times a day.
CHEST: With your hands in a prayer situation, make force as if you wanted to crush something that you had between them. Repeat 15 times.
BELLY: Stretch on the floor and keep your legs a foot off the floor for periods of 20 seconds.

NOTE: for flaccidity due to lack of muscle tone, nothing better than exercises



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