After-sun care

Beach and pool days leave skin dry and tight. Hydration, fluids and more hydration is a wise combination. Good advice from the experts to make the skin look in all its splendor. One of the main recommendations is to drink water and fresh fruit juices and avoid sugary drinks, as well as alcohol and caffeine, as they promote dehydration.

In the shower is where our first hydration ritual should begin, since our skin loses up to 15% in this process. "Hence, the importance of choosing a soft gel, with glycerin and nourishing ingredients, so that the skin recovers the lipids lost during the shower and, therefore, we avoid drying out", suggests the beautician Marian Pineda, and who states that Customized cosmeceutical and nutraceutical treatments, which help to depigment, hydrate and revitalize the skin from within, are very effective.

"The sun's rays cause the formation of free radicals in skin cells, which have a great oxidizing capacity, causing damage inside that conditions aging," says Pineda, adding that it is "a reason why the skin becomes rough, wrinkled and not very elastic ”. Among the after-sun protocols that it establishes, it recommends those that help reinforce exfoliation and skin renewal, regenerating the dermis and eliminating blemishes, such as an intensive clinical facial to resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, softening, hydrating and promoting cell renewal.

Canterla explains that "nutricosmeceuticals also enter as an" aftersun "therapy with a nutritional protocol, which reduces the appearance of spots by 80%, while improving circulation and preventing the appearance of more veins". Finally, he recommends continuing to use sunscreen "on cloudy and even rainy days, and avoid the use of occlusive substances that give a false sensation of hydration, such as petroleum jelly, waxes or silicones".

NOTE: Facial cleansing is key to eliminating impurities that the skin has secreted after applying sunscreen.



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