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Russia and Ukraine. Who wins the war? (II)

I continue the analysis started in a previous article in which I reiterated what has already been said: that the war that the Western media calls Russia and Ukraine is a hypocritical war of the United States (EU), which uses a neo-Nazi Ukraine armed by its imperial power, NATO and the European governments affiliated to the latter, all unworthy of its servants, to attack a Russia that only demands from the US and NATO respect for its right to have safe and peaceful borders as required by any country and even more so by a nuclear power that does respect the agreements it signs, such as Russia.

And it is that, even under the exclusive domain of those lying and intolerant media, lies continue to have short legs and today, for anyone who wants to see it, it is already clear what Merkel was cracking up about: that Minsk was a trap to deceive Russia while the US armed Ukraine and that Russia wanted peace and did not seek that war. She was dragged by Yankee arrogance, using and arming a neo-Nazi Ukraine subjected to its power for that, sought and seeks as always to maintain its universal dominance by force, and that in this case uses Ukraine and NATO to try to crush the Russia and finally being able to confront China, which the recent NATO meeting held in Madrid last May declared the main enemy of the US, describing Russia and China as autocratic powers that must be crushed in the name of democracy and freedom that are inseparable from America's wars.

Forced to respond to Ukraine's attack against the rebel Russian Donbass, last February Russia launched the "special military operation" which, without bombing and destroying cities or massacring civilian populations as the US always does, tried to denazify and pacify that aggressive warlike Ukraine and Neo-Nazi managed by the hypocritical Yankee power supported by its NATO and its Europe. In doing so, she should have anticipated that the lying Western media would accuse her of provoking war and committing heinous crimes, and that attacks, slander and assault would be unleashed against her. She foresaw it, but she fell short because in reality she could not imagine the magnitude and levels of slander and monstrosity that these attacks spread as truth by the Western media would reach while they blocked Russian press and media that could deny them. Thus, the EU and Europe have unleashed sanctions, blockades and theft of resources against Russia since last February, attributing crimes to it as the work of Ukraine, and trying to expel it from international organizations, fueling the Russophobia that dominates Europe today.

I dedicated articles like this one to this Russophobia, which has a long history in Europe, in the past months, but today it produces daily monstrosities that seemed unimaginable then. Russophobia dominates all of Europe and several countries are in the forefront of hating Russia and committing horrendous crimes. The tiny Baltic countries stand out, full of a gigantic hatred against Russia, but they do not go beyond slandering and rejecting everything Russian, tearing down statues and promoting wars that are too big for them. Something similar occurs in Poland, which hates Russia, it is not known whether because of its old tsarist past or its recent communist past, but on the other hand it does not hate Germany, which massacred it in the last World War. but indisputable líder Ukraine is part of that Russophobia, a neo-Nazi from before and willing not only to destroy what is Russian but also Russia and the Russians. Ukraine claims to erase everything Russian, burned a million Russian books, forbade its Russian population to speak or write Russian, massacred imprisoned or surrendered Russian soldiers with their hands tied behind their backs, shot others in the legs to break them, or they are castrated and slit their throats, laughing at their human rights, celebrating these crimes on TV and calling for their children to be slit. And the dream of the killer clown who rules what's left of his country is to invade Russia and destroy Moscow. To that Lilliputian caricature of Hitler, who destroys his country, the US and Europe arm it, celebrate it, and allow it everything.

The US could only confront a huge and powerful country like Russia with illegal sanctions, taking advantage of its control of all international organizations. Thus, imposed by the US and executed and celebrated by Europe, a succession of sanctions fell on Russia to break it and surrender it, covering all fields. There are already 10 packages, accompanied by blatant theft of their international reserves deposited in Yankee banks. Half of its reserves were stolen from Russia to begin with, 300 billion dollars that the US appropriated, not counting other minor thefts. But Russia has overcome these sanctions and the imbecile Europe has been the main victim of them, while its only beneficiary is the great thief and repeated genocide: the US.

Russia was excluded from almost all the international organizations that the US dominates; and he even tried in vain to get her expelled from the UN and its Security Council. Something unusual since Russia's response to the aggression of the US and Ukraine is legitimate and one would have to wonder why no European country asked, this time with reason, that the US be expelled from the UN when it carried out the shameless genocides in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, or more recently from Iraq, Syria or Libya.

With cowardly German complicity, in a terrorist act, the US destroyed the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which supplied Europe with clean and cheap gas. And he prevented Russia from selling cheap oil and other products to that suicidal Europe, by trying to charge Russia ridiculous prices and by blocking avenues of trade. Russia was affected, but it faced and overcame those policies that hit it and focused on expanding its Asian relations: with China, India, Iran and the Arab world, which defeated the Yankee plans.

But as for the war itself, this "upside down" war that Russia is waging against Ukraine, the truth is that it has found a violent response from Ukrainian Nazism armed by the US and NATO and that despite its territorial gains in Donbass and the destruction that has made most of the Ukrainian military arms and troops, the situation has ended up stagnating and the fact is that the Russian offensive focused on protecting the Russian east of the country or not advancing, which has been going on for months, since the middle of the year past, and in October had to retreat due to Ukrainian terrorist attacks. Faced with this stagnation, Russia seems to be reformulating its military policy and organizing a new war plan that has not yet been defined or taken shape, and the fact is that until now there is no way out close to war because the inexhaustible supply of The money, weapons and mercenaries that the US and Europe provide Ukraine prolongs this war despite Russian military and territorial successes, because the objective of the US, the master of Ukraine, is to prolong it at any price, without caring about the Ukrainian dead or the destruction and ruin of the shattered country, in order to make Russia fail. This is something that Russia, with its political and military superiority, is in a position to avoid, but only if it regains the initiative and soon undertakes the new offensive plan that it has been talking about for months. Ukraine is indeed destroyed, the criminal madman who rules it at the order of the US destroyed her country and is asking the US and Europe for more and better weapons and more and more money. There is no climate to negotiate. The US insists on prolonging the war. And Russia is not clearly seen as the victor.

It is worth asking, then, who would be the most probable winner in that war? Will Russia move forward with its new military plan? Will NATO get ahead of it? Or does the war drag on longer and the United States ends up prevailing in some way?
I will try to examine that hot topic in a next article.

Vladimir Acosta
January 2023

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