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Perfidious (and thief) Albion

How about we talk about England today? Yes, from that country that, supported by geography and geopolitics, enters and leaves Europe at will. From that insular country, enlarged by force by London, and which for some time has called itself the United Kingdom adding Scotland, Ireland and Wales, which incidentally has allowed it to take not 1 but 4 teams to the World Cups, but which, as we have all seen, is much less united than its name implies, because both Ireland, many times massacred, as well as Scotland, and even Wales, all brought together by force, have made attempts to separate, frustrated one after another by the superior military power and the closed intransigence of London. Because London, like its heir United States (USA), not only likes to see countries other than its own break up into smaller and weaker pieces that thus become tempting prey to be plundered, but also often, alongside its carnal USA, contributes with brutal invasions to achieve it. There is a certain brotherhood here, an expression of something that must be kept in mind: the peculiar relationship that exists between the United States and England. The US was his colony, now the UK is his colony and protectorate. But both define themselves as Anglo-Saxon brothers, Aryans, as the chosen people, God's favorite and called to lead the world. Both? poor planet! Thus, the US treats England with some prudence and she is usually the first to receive her orders and execute them.

As for what can happen in the UK today, that promises not to be a big deal because the 2 candidates between whom the successor of the deposed Boris Johnson will be decided are of course conservatives, reactionaries and servants of the US like him. The differences between the two may be convenient to look at when it is known which of them assumes the position. What is convenient for us, as always, to try to understand and remember the essentials is to make at least a brief review of certain key components of its modern and contemporary history. Yes, the inevitable and necessary history. I will quickly allude to some crimes, thefts, piracies, pillages, lies, invasions of countries and colonial massacres committed by England, and I continue speaking of England because those crimes are theirs, not Ireland's, nor Scotland's or Wales's. I begin the revision, by force incomplete, of her dark record from the XNUMXth century just so that we remember what kind of thieving, hypocritical and criminal country we are dealing with.

Century XVI

England, then a small and modest country, tries to grow in size and power by developing its navy through pirates and corsairs. Along with the Netherlands and France, with which it competes, their common objectives with them are to attack Spanish ships loaded with gold or silver, attack American coasts that Spain, then owner of almost all of America, had no way to defend, and thus seize islands well located and desirable territories. Piracy, robbery, theft and looting. In this, Walter Raleigh stands out, who founded Virginia in the north and who in the Caribbean tries to seize Guayana, now Venezuelan, and above all Francis Drake, the great corsair, who attacks and plunders coastal cities in Central America and even in Spain and who is the second European sailor to go around the world. In 1588, England, which is growing, even manages to defeat the famous Spanish Armada that comes to invade it, taking advantage of the fact that it was a real disaster. That great victory gives him prestige among the maritime underworld.

Seventeenth century

The English smuggler attack on the coasts of Central and South America and the assault on Spanish ships loaded with gold and silver continue with more force. They are usually successful, but there is one case where they suffered a huge and humiliating defeat. It is not possible to tell it here, but years ago I dedicated a television program of The Other Look to it, which I titled A severed ear, some bronze medals and a wooden leg. I hope they can see it. Continuing with its attempt to seize Caribbean islands, England failed to seize Cuba, but Jamaica. Its India Companies create and expand triangular trade, a slave trade that contributes to its capitalist development. Its kings, its nobles, and scientists, like Newton and Locke, are all shareholders of racist and slave-trading English companies. Thanks to that trade, their industrial development is forged largely at our expense. Another success: in the first decades of the century, England has occupied a strip of the east coast of North America and planted there the 13 racist and expansive colonies that will later be the United States, future threat to the planet.

Eighteenth century

By then England is already a European power. In 1713, Spain granted her the right of seat, that is, the monopoly to supply her with the black slaves she needed for her colonies in Central and South America; and at the end of that century it allows him to passively seize Trinidad and Tobago, which should have belonged to Venezuela. England displaces Holland as the first maritime power, competes with France in the 7 Years' War, and strips it of Canada and India. At the end of the century, the 13 colonies, with European help, their enemy, freed themselves from her rule and became the United States. But it is not serious: with its slave trade, territorial robbery and looting, and its internal social reforms and changes, England is already starting the Industrial Revolution in Europe.

XIXth Century

That is the great century of England. It is an industrial country, the richest and most developed in the world, and it becomes the largest and most powerful colonialist country, owner by force of a good part of Asia and Africa and dominator of this Latin America of ours, in which with late and interested help and a lot of political skill mediates our newly achieved independence to impose its commercial domain on us with leonine treaties, banks, loans, commercial houses, free navigation of our rivers and most favored nation clauses. It even steals land from us: the Malvinas from Argentina, coasts and islands from Central America, and Guiana's Essequibo from Venezuela. The poor. You have to understand it. He can't stop stealing and mugging. It is something that runs in the blood.

Twentieth Century

As it happens to all that racist and arrogant Europe, the 1944th century is also the century of English decline. Its backwardness is technological and its backward capitalism becomes more speculative and financial than productive. It endures the First War, but sinks in the Second with the interested help of the US, which sells it military scrap because it knows that its access to world power involves subjecting England and subduing the pound in Breton Wood, in 1947. England, unable to crush the Greek revolutionary struggle, in 1947 he handed over the baton to the US and submitted to its hegemony ever since. But he maintains as his own his horrendous colonial conduct in India, the Jewel in the Crown. He promotes the division of the country between Hindus and Muslims, and by finally leaving India in 48-50, he ignites a terrible civil and religious war that destroys half the country and leaves millions dead. And soon after, in Kenya in the XNUMXs, refusing to hand over their homeland to Kenyans who rebel against his rule, he slaughters them by calling them Mau Mau and accusing them of being cannibals.

Dominated by the US, complicit in its politics and its crimes, it initiates neoliberal rule, participates in the end of the USSR, in the expansion of NATO and in its plan to surround and divide Russia. She also in the genocide of Iraq. Her governments, by order of the US, keep Julian Assange imprisoned. In today's European circus of US servant leaders, Johnson was the great clown. And the last feat of that perfidious and thieving Albion that rots daily has been and is the cowardly and brazen robbery of Venezuela's gold reserves.


  1. How good this article Professor!
    They accused the Kenyans of cannibals and Mau Mau, what does this term mean?
    Thank you.

  2. Your article is excellent, rather it is a historical document of great value and utility for new generations. Hopefully the youngsters of this new century can also read it so that they find in it the truth of our planet. Greetings.

  3. Your description of the story, Mr. Vladimir, is phenomenal. How I would have liked to be a student of his. I really congratulate him for the narrative and knowledge of his history. It's fun and very educational.

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