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From the Carnival of the past to the war of the present, 2

I finish remembering the criminal war of the United States (EU) in 2003 to destroy and plunder Iraq. The worldwide protest was enormous. Millions of people everywhere protested against that war. There were big marches even in the US and above all they were huge in Europe. It was another time and another world. And even Europe was another. Their governments were right-wing, yes, but they wanted to play their own role in world geopolitics and not the one that the US sought to impose on them to make them their docile servants, as is the case now. But within weeks the marches petered out and the US ended its war of destruction in Iraq, imposed its dominance on it and appropriated its oil and wealth.

That happens with media protests lacking plans and organization. I don't remember if it was in the state of Texas or in another neighboring state: a group of students took the gardens of the state government house by surprise in rejection of a decision by the governor. Their police chief suggested throwing tear gas at them, but the governor refused, telling him that it was better to be patient because in a matter of days there would be a new viral media issue on the networks and that, following it, these young people would leave the governorate alone. So it happened. And the same thing happened to Europe: their governments supported the protests and criticized the US, but in a week the marches dissolved on their own and Europe, which had no clear plans or common decisions, found itself naked and disarmed before the US. And when she wanted to participate in the looting of Iraq, Condoleeza Rice, Bush's secretary of state, cut her off by saying that only the United States had blood on its hands, that Iraq was their loot and that if there was anything left over from the looting it might be for she. Europe learned the lesson: with the US there is no sovereignty or middle ground that counts. Either you submit and obey or he faces you trying to crush you. Today that same Europe is a model of unworthy submission to which the US imposes its interests, which it accepts without question, even though they are contrary to its own.

It is that in these 20 years the world changed. And I'm only talking about Europe and the US here because this short review focuses on both. They subjugated and brutalized their peoples, who live from day to day, in the midst of a confusion that suffocates them. I've talked about that before. In what follows I will give examples of the character, both criminal and circus, of that collapse. 

I will say something more about the US because the changes of these 2 decades have affected it, and not in a favorable way. In 2000 he proclaimed that the 3st century would be his new century and that, as the only superpower on the planet, he could wage and win XNUMX wars together. He has not stopped attacking the world, but he has lost all the wars he led, the last being Afghanistan. He now causes them without assuming them, like the one he has provoked from Russia against Ukraine. I will show that in their language and positions the criminal and the circus are mixed daily, just as it happens in Europe. Decline has come to the US and its arrogant language is ridiculous. But it is not that the Carnival returns, because it is dead. And what we see is not a fun party but a criminal global nuclear war plan that the US is about to blow up with the complicity of a suicidal Europe and Asian countries like Japan. It is a chaotic Carnival of Death that prevails in the midst of the current disorder in Europe and the US and in which the leaders of both unknowingly recreate disordered and fragmentary features and acts of that dead Carnival. And there are examples of it before our eyes, as long as we know something about that ancient party.

I start with Europe, which lived through that Carnival centuries ago. In that old and rebellious Carnival of the Middle Ages, the people and low European church, priests and deacons, who, taking advantage of those joyful and rebellious carnival times, wanted, even if it were like a catharsis, to invert the world by putting the poor up and the rich down, celebrated the famous Fiesta del Burro, the great Carnival party. They dressed a donkey as a bishop and all en masse carried it respectfully before the main altar of the church chosen for the festival. The donkey began to bray, hi-ha, hi-ha, and everyone celebrated as if an apostle were speaking and they also began to bray joyfully, all doing in chorus: hi-ha, hi-ha. Hearing this, how can we not think of the current Chancellor of Europe, who does nothing but bray and bray and whose evil and criminal brays are celebrated by everyone as if he were speaking a statesman? “Hi-ha, hi-ha, Europe is an innocent garden surrounded by an aggressive jungle. Hi-ha, hi-ha, we eliminate the Russian press in defense of press freedom. Hi-ha, hi-ha, we will take Europe's money to help peace and buy weapons to send to Ukraine. Long live Ukraine, long live the war! Hi-ha. Hi-ha” 

Doesn't this make you think of an assembly of the European Union (EU)? But yes! with real donkeys and not with those bad imitations. What are you waiting for to put a real, dignified and decent donkey at the helm of the EU, who will surely do better than this braying jerk? The people and the low European clergy also celebrated the carnivalesque Fiesta de los Locos. They brought a poor man to the main altar, whom they dressed as a bishop, and he ordered everyone to burn old and dirty flip-flops instead of incense. He obeyed him and that smell of burned dirty flip flops was appreciated by all as true incense. Don't you think that this is the current pestilential smell of this Europe led by those supposed leaders who are Scholtz, Macron, Stoltenberg or Pedro Sánchez? By the way, do you remember the German Minister of the Economy who, due to the issue of Russian gas, announced a water shortage in the summer and declared that he was already the first to save it? He said that for this he washed one buttock on Monday and the other on Tuesday and, yes, in each case he furiously hit the shower head shouting: Here, Putin!! In another party, that of the obispillo, a child was chosen as bishop. Don't you think that any child would do better than this bunch of incapable, servile, corrupt, and deplorable leaders who manage that Europe as a suicidal colony of the United States that one doesn't know whether to call the chicken coop, the garbage dump, or the dunghill of that decadent empire?

In the US, which is the master of Europe and which did not know medieval carnival because, fortunately for humanity, it did not yet exist, the carnivalesque, the product of a ridiculous arrogance that clashes with its unstoppable decadence, is expressed only in threats, antics and nonsense. that their leaders star in daily and that they refuse to recognize. Biden's are already a collection, and there are so many that they look normal. The ones that are in fashion are those of Secretary of State Blinken, who is unaware of them, being the press the one that exposes them. Biden and Blinken demand that China not help Russia with arms while the US arms Taiwan, which he recognizes as a Chinese province. Blinken asks Lavrov for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine, which the US arms and finances daily. Blinken asks China why it doesn't sell weapons to Ukraine. Nuland urges Ukraine to attack Crimea and then Blinken gets scared and opposes it. In short, what the US is doing is ridiculous or grotesque while the nuclear war it is preparing is getting closer.  

But not everything is the same. The exception to this ridiculous carnival of war and death is Russia, which only seeks peace and security on its borders. The US forced it into war with Ukraine. Russia does not want nuclear war nor is it threatening to start it. And her leadership is incomparable. Putin is worth criticizing, but no one could deny his political stature. Lavrov is the only diplomat from that Europe. Maria Zajárova, beautiful and educated political spokesperson, is brilliant. Political and military bosses are capable. And stopping the US is necessary to achieve peace and avoid nuclear war.  


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