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EU and Europe, from induced suicide to open murder?

Read here the analysis of the historian Vladimir Acosta

We have been, throughout this year, witnesses of what can only be called suicide of Europe; of an unworthy Europe, headed by its mediocre and incapable leaders and that as the obedient servant that it is today of the United States (EU), has faithfully fulfilled the orders that it gives it to ruin Russia, and that have ended up ruining it, leading it to a serious crisis with no visible way out that deepens daily, and that those imbecile and blind leaders arrogantly celebrate as if it were a success similar to those that another Europe, which ended long ago, achieved 2 centuries ago, when its colonialism he owned half the world and still did not suspect that his destiny was to fall under the imperial domination of a US that was then on the rise. Shall we jump back for a quick look at that process?   

1895. End of the 2th century. The US becomes the only great industrial power that has XNUMX oceans as its open limit: the Atlantic to the east, which points to Europe, and the Pacific to the west, which looks to East Asia. It has no neighboring territorial enemies, since it controls Canada to the north and what it left to Mexico to the south. So no enemy country can invade it.

But this advantageous isolation is also a problem because his plan is to dominate the world and for that he first needs to dominate Europe, soon beginning to intervene in it, since Europe is then the political, cultural and economic center of the world.

1917. The First World War allows him to intervene in Europe as an ally of England and France, who win the war. Thus began his direct intervention in Europe. But his plan is not to stay as an ally but to impose his dominance on her. And he did it with the Second World War, which broke out in 1939 and in which he entered to fight in 1941, again an ally of England and France, but trying to avoid Germany and its Nazis, and using his best effort in Asia, against Japan, its direct rival. In Europe, which falls entirely in the hands of the Nazis, he leaves it to communist Russia to face their brutal invasion alone and defeat them at great cost after 4 years of fighting. But, although he reaches Berlin first, Russia is exhausted and the US appropriates the victory in 1945.

This time he has taken advantage of the advantage of his isolation. He emerges unscathed from the war and accumulates power, weapons, techniques, products, machinery and resources. Taking advantage of these advantages, he subdued England as a political leader and became the world's leading political and economic power. He creates the UN, turns the dollar into a world currency and fills the shattered Europe that survives the war with military bases to impose, as a "protector", his superior military power, and also the Marshall Plan to restore and control their economies.

1947. The Cold War begins against Soviet Russia and begins to drag Europe into it through the CIA, the cultural Cold War and the promotion of anti-communism. But communist Russia soon becomes the leader of a large and powerful socialist camp. Another serious hurdle to live with, to overcome, and to take your time.

I summarize. It was not easy for the US to prevail over Europe. There were ups and downs and getting there took time. Europe had social and political advantages. Unlike the false and plutocratic "democracy" of the United States, the European system was indeed democratic. Europe also had a functioning welfare state and public health and education that served the vast majority.

Two decisive processes favor the US plan: the triumph of neoliberalism since the 80s and the surprising collapse of the USSR and the end of communism in 1991.

Neoliberalism began to colonize Europe, destroyed the welfare state, privatized health, education and the cultural standard, turning everything into merchandise and destroying the rich European cinema to turn it into a sad and servile copy of the US one. With the collapse of the USSR, the US became the only world superpower and soon began its project of dissolving Russia and expanding NATO, incorporating almost all of Europe, which did not realize that it not only threatened Russia, rather, it puts her under his direct command, which is the political and military power of the United States. Russia begins with Putin to recover from the disaster and they start to surround it with countries now their enemies that have nuclear weapons. The Ukraine begins, a corrupt and neo-Nazi country that the US begins to control since 2004 to use it as a battering ram against Russia. The pro-Nazi coup that the US gives in kyiv in 2014 initiates the aggression. After years of patience and defensive preparation, Russia seeks to negotiate with the US in 2021, demanding that it respect its borders. The US mocks and promotes the provocation from Ukraine that Russia is forced to stop militarily in February.

The rest we know well. Russophobia, accusations, sanctions and attacks and robberies from all over Europe, subjected to the US, against Russia and forced by the US to deliver millions of euros and tons of weapons to Ukraine. Russia, which is now not only a military but a technical power, overcomes the sanctions. It trades with Asia, and it is Europe, dependent on its oil, its gas, its fertilizers and various technical products that are also Russian, which is beginning to sink into disaster.

The US destroyed Europe's access to Russian gas and prohibited it from buying cheap Russian oil in order to sell its much more expensive and lower quality liquefied gas and oil. Europe accepts all this passively and sinks lower and lower without protest. What's more, without cheap and accessible Russian gas and oil, and with oil and gas prices ever higher as a result of the absurd sanctions, its large industrial companies, the central key to its power, its modernity, and its business, begin to close or declare bankruptcy. And ruined Europe, hungry and cold and threatened by the coming winter, returns to the pre-industrial eighteenth century to depend on coal and firewood. And though its servile leaders fear to protest against the cause of their disaster, perhaps they cannot help but begin to realize, even if silently, that their ruin and misery are the direct work of the United States, fueled by their stupid arrogance and undignified self-righteousness. and blind servility.

These days, European officials are finally beginning to complain about the US, accusing it of being the only winner of the war it got them into, because while Europe is sinking into crisis, with rising inflation and the unbearable cost of energy that the US is forcing it to buy from him, his profits increase by selling him more of his weapons to go bankrupt by shipping them to the Ukraine.

But it is that the US plan goes further. Last August, Biden had Congress approve a law to control its inflation, which comes into effect on January 1, and which seeks to attract large companies by offering them advantages such as exempting them from paying taxes and giving them subsidies. For now he offers 369 billion dollars, directed to high-level European companies that have closed or are on the verge of bankruptcy due to the crisis that has plunged Europe into. And it is that the final objective of his plan is to deindustrialize it, especially Germany, not only to keep it economically and politically subject but to reindustrialize itself, now at European expense, in order to remain as a power, if not hegemonic, at least capable of confronting , in the war that he is preparing, to the unstoppable China and Russia. The first part of the plan worked with the passive suicide of Europe. The one that comes is his soon definitive subjection, unless he wakes up and reacts. Augusto Zamora rightly calls that Europe “the chicken coop”. Will those chickens dare to stop crowing “yes, Sir,” and try to crow like roosters, to see what voice they come up with?


  1. Excellent article Professor, it is a must read, let's see if people end up waking up from the innumerable lies that bombard the media and networks every day.

  2. Greetings, Professor Vladimir Acosta, your vision of what is happening in Europe perfectly describes what we see, but I dare to ask myself, what forces you to have such a servile position?! ..in the meantime, what do we do in the face of all this pandemonium? ..thank goodness we have a super mustache

  3. Excellent article, Professor Vladimir Acosta, sad reality that the peoples of Europe live today, due to the ineptitude of their leaders (euro rascals) who unfortunately run the governments.

  4. How different from all that reading about the conflict with Russia that most of us handle, invaded by so many images, videos and repeated and prefabricated phrases. Thank you Professor.

  5. The reaction of rejection from part of the world against Europe is missing, as the brics, Latin America and the East, watch as German industry and the United Kingdom succumb and expand their trade with China.

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