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Projects regarding security and technology are exhibited in Trujillo

Inaugurated science and innovation expo of the National Experimental University of Security (Unes) Trujillo

The National Experimental University of Security (Unes) Trujillo began, this Thursday, the Science, Technology and Innovation Expo 2024, at the headquarters of the Training Center located in the Pampanito municipality, with the presentation of more than 12 research projects in security and technology matters.

In this regard, the director of the Trujillo Training Center, first commissioner (CPET) Juan Carlos Torres Gómez, pointed out that various university institutions and state organizations shared their proposals, knowledge and techno-scientific experiences to strengthen citizen security.

“Today we begin what is the Unes 2024 National Expoferia, where young people from this alma mater, also from the universities that join us and in the company of the security agencies that live actively in our state Trujillo, companies interested in Regarding security, we join forces with the purpose of providing our people with all these security projects necessary for our state and our country,” he explained.

He highlighted that the best men and women present the most innovative topics for strengthening citizen security.

“Student innovation as a commitment that we have with society, the commitment that we have as a security agency of the Venezuelan State,” he expressed.

Meanwhile, the sectoral secretary of citizen security and peace, C/G Jesús Castro Ramírez, stated that this activity is part of the Great Quadrants of Peace Mission, which will extend until Saturday, May 18.

"Giving the opening of this great technical-scientific conference that will allow us to grow and strengthen an entire security system of the nation every day, a security system that goes hand in hand with the growth in the training of our students, of the incorporation of elements with important technological characteristics,” he expressed.

Featured Projects

Among the proposals presented by the participants, the director of CefoUnes Trujillo, Juan Carlos Torres, mentioned the technological tools in the field of drugs, human rights, digitalized action in police reports, virtual polygons with less force and more intelligence offered by the Trujillo State Police, with the purpose of strengthening its force in matters of citizen security, as well as different virtual intelligence and robotics programs.

For her part, officer Rivas Daniela, belonging to the investigation division and participant in this expofair, announced her project based on a “briefcase from the technical inspection area with different tools that we use when carrying out a technical inspection, which is made with photographic fixations to reveal some place of a punishable act, likewise, we use what are arrow witness tools to leave further evidence”

Likewise, Jerson González, professor at the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad Valle del Momboy (UVM), and his team exhibited a novel project linked to robotics.

“We have been making bipedal robots, also solar light tracking mechanisms using the tools of a 3D printer and applying programming with students to develop this type of technology. Today here we present a prototype of a robotic arm that we still have in design, we have a finished robot and the sunlight tracking mechanism that rotates according to the position of the sun to take energy and store it in a battery bank. We also presented virtual reality with metaverse classrooms at UVM,” González explained.

It should be noted that more than 550 people were present on this first day of the expofair, which will continue until Saturday at the Unes Trujillo headquarters, offering knowledge and experiences in the technical-scientific field.

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