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Pilot test applied for educational quality in Trujillo

Third and sixth grade students from the Gerónimo Briceño School of the Pampán municipality participated

In the state of Trujillo, third and sixth grade students from the Gerónimo Briceño School in the Pampán municipality successfully participated in the pilot test of the Comparative and Explanatory Regional Study (Erce), with the purpose of evaluating and enhancing educational quality in the state. country.

This school was one of the 49 chosen in 19 states of the country, as a sample selected by the Latin American Laboratory for Evaluation of the Quality of Education to implement the pilot test.

Alexander Perales, representative of the Venezuelan Educational Quality Observatory, indicated that this test serves as preparation for the official evaluation of the year 2025.

"We are celebrating the participation of this institution in the Erce 2025 pilot, which seeks to measure the Venezuelan educational quality and also seeks to prepare us to then face the official test in 2025. We are sure that our educational system provides the answer to the international entities regarding this study and we feel extremely proud to participate in this pilot,” he explained.

For his part, the representative of the Ministry of Popular Power for Education, José Rojas, was pleased by the broad participation of students in this evaluation composed of learning methodologies linked to socio-emotional skills, as well as reading, writing, mathematics and science. .

“We are really very pleased to be at this event and to meet with trained people and assume all the potential of our boys, girls and young people who are linked to this test, which is the comparative regional study that will support us to develop the Bolivarian educational system. in relation to some established domains such as the area of ​​writing, reading, mathematics, science, which will help us base potential development in all of us as a work team from the institution to the ministry,” he expressed.

Trujillo at the educational forefront

Meanwhile, the sole authority for Education in the entity, María Palomares, pointed out that the evaluation applied over two days also made it possible to measure achievements and competencies in order to achieve educational quality.

“We are very happy with the receptiveness of the teachers, parents and guardians, directors and, above all, the students who are excited about the questions asked. In our region we are moving towards the transformation of educational quality,” said Palomares.

Through its user on the social network Instagram, the Development Center for Educational Quality, showed the participation of third and sixth grade students from the Gerónimo Briceño School of the Flor de Patria parish, Pampán municipality in this pilot test.

“Our 3rd and 6th grade children from the Gerónimo Briceño School of Flor de Patria completed, this Friday, the pilot test towards ERCE 2025,” published @cdcetrujillo.

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