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They provide five Bricomiles from Trujillo to repower the outpatient network

The Minister of Health Magaly Gutiérrez made the delivery together with Governor Gerardo Márquez

In order to advance in the optimization of Popular Clinics, a total of five Military Community Brigades for Health (Bricomiles) from the Candelaria, Pampán, San Rafael de Carvajal and Valera municipalities were endowed this Wednesday, by the Ministry of Health in an activity that took place at the Doctor Pedro Emilio Carrillo University Hospital in the city of Valera.

From there, Minister Magaly Gutiérrez pointed out that among the materials delivered to repower the outpatient network are quality lamps, paint, asphalt blanket, water storage tanks, electrical materials, plumbing, among others.

“We are going to repower and renovate our hospital structures and our outpatient structures,” he explained.

Five Gifted Bricomiles

Likewise, he indicated that the national executive sent equipment such as ventilators and anesthesia machines and announced that other equipment such as electrocautery, multi-parameter monitors and neonatal intensive care ventilation equipment are about to arrive in the entity in the coming days, which will help complement and strengthen the hospital network.

"Making a tour of the hospital that is necessary in this new phase that President Nicolás Maduro has imposed on us, this new guide will make it a reality, seeing the faces of the heroes and heroines of the country such as those of the health sector, which day by day they leave their skins in their jobs to give health to the most vulnerable and needy people, for them my recognition, my hug, "he said.

The head of health, Magaly Gutiérrez, recalled that working in the health sector "has never been easy, and now the difficulties are tripled as a result of the economic war, as a result of other vices that we have dragged into the sector, but we are the only ones who can eradicate those vices.

In this sense, he asked health personnel to improve the quality of care for patients "with love and affection."

It should be noted that among the Bricomiles that were endowed in its third phase are the Bella Vista Type II Popular Clinic in the Valera municipality, which serves some 20 people, the Flor de Patria Type III Popular Clinic in the Pampán municipality, which serves 11 thousand 368 inhabitants.

Likewise, the Type II Montaña de Peraza Popular Clinic of the Pampán municipality that serves 430 inhabitants, the Type III La Cejita Popular Clinic of the San Rafael de Carvajal municipality that favors 6 people and the Bricomiles of the Type II Torococo Popular Clinic of the municipality Candelaria, which serves 494 inhabitants.

surgical plan

Meanwhile, Governor Gerardo Márquez thanked the work carried out by the Bricomiles and the health sector with the support of the national executive and the Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud).

He also referred to the national surgical plan which has been successfully executed in the entity.

"Thanks to you and this health team and the attention that the minister (Magaly Gutiérrez) and President Nicolás Maduro have given us, today we can proudly say that we are one of the states with the most operations and most medical consultations in the country. ”, he emphasized.

Márquez referred to the rehabilitation of the José Vasallo Cortéz de Sabana de Mendoza Hospital in the Sucre municipality, which will be a healthcare reference in the center of the country with the recovery of operating rooms, the provision of equipment, among other plans for the care of six municipalities of the Pan-American axis.

Delivery of technical aids

Later, the authorities went to the Bolivarian Forum in the city of Valera where they delivered technical aids, such as 24 wheelchairs, three crutches, 17 walkers, 12 anti-decubitus mattresses, 12 single-pointed canes, 19 four-pointed canes and four tracking sticks.

And to end the visit of Minister Magaly Gutiérrez to the Trujillo state accompanied by the president of the Farmapatria company Cristhian Wagner, she held a meeting with the health sector workers of the entity.

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