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Students from Trujillo planted 247 trees in Carvajal

Students from 7 secondary education institutions participated in the initiative

In the state of Trujillo, 247 students from seven secondary education institutions in the San Rafael de Carvajal municipality joined the National Reforestation Plan and the One Student One Tree program, within the framework of the celebration of the 18 years of the Tree Mission.

The young people participated, this Tuesday, in the day of planting 247 ornamental trees on Aeropuerto Avenue in the San Rafael de Carvajal municipality, which was organized by the ministries of popular power for Education and for Ecosocialism.

Through a press release, María Palomares, sole authority of Education in the state of Trujillo, highlighted the importance of promoting the need to protect and conserve the environment among young people, while pointing out that the activity will take place every Tuesday until June 25th.

“It is essential that we strengthen environmental awareness from our educational spaces. “We are committed to moving towards a green Venezuela through reforestation,” she emphasized.

For her part, the president of the Venezuelan Federation of Secondary Education Students, Michell Delgado, was proud to participate in this environmental initiative.

“It is satisfactory to contribute to the preservation of life on the planet, as established by the Homeland Plan,” he said.

Professor Analy Daboín, coordinator of the All Hands to Sow program, indicated that for the school year it is estimated that around 320 thousand high school graduates, nationwide, will join the initiative.

Finally, the authorities recalled that the National Reforestation Plan represents an important step in the fight against climate change and in building a more sustainable future for future generations. For this reason, they indicated, the active participation of students and communities is essential for the success of these awareness days, which seek to turn Venezuela into a green lung for the planet.

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