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Trujillanos participate in a 1×10 machinery drill

The various PSUV structures toured the territories as part of the red awning organization ahead of the presidential elections.

Militants of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) together with members of the UBCh structures, community and street leaders actively participated this Sunday in the simulation of the 1×10 electoral machinery.

On the day of review and house-to-house visit, the participants verified the details of their electoral lists in order to consolidate the victory on July 28.

Karina Gil, líder from the Antonio Nicolás Briceño commune of the San Luis parish of the Valera municipality, expressed that the revolutionaries are verifying their 1×10 following the party's guidelines.

“Here we are complying with what President Nicolás Maduro emanates for the 1×10 to guarantee that everyone goes to vote this July 28. Making a house-to-house visit and calling them by phone because we have to guarantee the victory of Maduro with the vote,” he stated.

Likewise, Yajaira Briceño, líder of the San Luis Valley community of the Valera municipality, said “we are here to guarantee that each person goes to vote. We are verifying that those who are registered in the 1×10 are not paper people but flesh and blood, which will give victory to our president Nicolás Maduro on July 28.”

Mary Fernández, head of UBCh of the Fundacomunal module, stated that “our people are convinced and we are going out to convince others who are wrong and confused. President Nicolás Maduro can count on our support on July 28.”  

In the Carache municipality, the revolutionary forces also mobilized this Sunday, specifically the UBCh Carachí Cultural Complex and Doctor Ernest, as well as the members of Clap La Vitalú with the house-to-house visit and the review of the electoral list.

“We are fine-tuning the details of the house-to-house and the 1×10 electoral in Carache, where we will give the perfect victory to our president Nicolás Maduro on July 28, with Maduro we will recover,” commented Victor Simosa, community head of the Carache municipality. .

Meanwhile, the Psuv Trujillo team, through social networks, showed the participation of the revolutionary structures in the various municipalities of the entity.

“Our UBCH Structures of the Escuque Municipality active in the 1X10 Review Conferences that will consolidate the Victory of our President Nicolás Maduro,” published @ psuv.trujillo20.

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