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Mission Sonrisa has attended more than 3 requests in Trujillo

More than 200 dental prostheses have been granted so far this year in the entity

More than 3 services have been provided by the Smile Mission in the state of Trujillo this year, in response to requests issued by the people through the 800×1 of Good Government.

This was reported by the sole health authority in the entity, Yadira Pereira, who indicated that the Smile Mission has delivered, this year, more than 220 dental prostheses in the entity.

“The Smile Mission has treated more than 900 patients so far this year, and through 1×10 requests, more than 3 services have been provided to various patients. In addition to that, more than 800 dental prostheses have been delivered to patients who were not in the VenApp and, a week ago, 190 dental prostheses were delivered to the patients that we have already benefited from the 39 × 1 of Good Government,” he explained.

He added that other deliveries of dental prostheses are planned for the next few days; Likewise, he highlighted that 12 dental points are active in the entity, from Monday to Sunday, to serve patients who require it.

national surgical plan

During his participation in the radio program ¡Háblame, Gerardo! Number 94, the also president of the Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud), Yadira Pereira, pointed out that so far this year more than 3 thousand patients have been treated with low and medium complexity interventions through the National Surgical Plan.

“In the state of Trujillo (…) we have undertaken a significant number of activities in the state, especially the national surgical days that have been carried out twice this year. Surgical sessions are also being carried out with the regional team, daily, in the main hospitals such as the Pedro Emilio Carrillo in the city of Valera, the Rafael Rangel hospital in Boconó and José Gregorio Hernández in the Trujillo municipality,” he noted.

Among the low and medium complexity surgeries included in this plan, it mentioned lesions, nevus, lipomas, warts, gallbladder, hysterectomy, sterilization, hernia, among others.

More health for the people

For his part, Governor Gerardo Márquez notified in his radio program that this Saturday, May 25, 260 cases reported through the Good Government 1×10 VenApp application will be attended to, for cleft lip and palate operations as well as otorhinolaryngology, at the Doctor Fernández Morán High Technology Center, located in the Valera municipality, where the respective medical evaluations will be carried out for the planning of surgical interventions.

Likewise, he announced a mega health day “Tricolor 2024, hope is in the street”, which will take place in the Boconó municipality, which is organized by Minister Raúl Paredes with the support of the regional executive.

He stated that the day will feature pediatrics, entertainment for children, pharmacy, general medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry, delivery of more than 500 technical devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, reading glasses and formula, all within the framework of the 462 years of Boconó.

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