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PC Trujillo monitors rivers and streams before the arrival of the rains

The orange officials attended to the emergencies registered in Campo Elías, Boconó and Carache

This Tuesday, due to the rainfall recorded in the state of Trujillo, the regional coordination team for Civil Protection and Disaster Administration carried out inspection and monitoring of water tributaries, especially in the Campo Elías, Boconó and Carache municipalities, where damage was recorded. housing and roads.

Eladio Viloria, head of the risk management coordination of the state Civil Protection, pointed out that in the Río Arriba sector of the La Concepción parish of the Carache municipality, the rains caused the Sendé River to overflow along the road that connects the sectors of the paramo. Sisi, as well as undermining of roads, leaving the passage at risk and with caution.

On trunk 007 via Campo Elías they removed the rocks

He stated that the orange officials placed the relevant signs for the protection of both the inhabitants of the area and the people who travel along this road.

Likewise, he indicated that in the afternoon of this Tuesday, the rains affected two homes due to flooding in the La Sabanita sector of the Boconó municipality, due to the increase in the flow of the Boconó River; situation that was attended to, immediately, by the local men and women in orange.

Also in the Campo Elías municipality, the rainfall this Tuesday caused rocky material to fall on trunk 007, which was removed by the local Civil Protection personnel.

“At the moment, the orange officials are deployed throughout the Trujillo territory, obeying the risk management policies issued by President Nicolás Maduro and Governor Gerardo Márquez. “We are attentive, alert, ready and willing to mitigate any type of risk that occurs in the entity,” he stated.

On its username on the social network Instagram, @pcivil_tru invites the group to report any news through the telephone numbers 0800 TRUJILL (0800-8785455) or Ven 911.

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