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More than 3 thousand students benefit from comprehensive prevention days

The students belong to different educational establishments in the municipalities of Trujillo, Pampán, Valera and San Rafael de Carvajal.

In the state of Trujillo, more than 3 secondary education students from five schools were benefited with comprehensive prevention sessions, within the framework of the National Student Preventive Plan My Safe School and the National Campaign “We Are Prevention”, which have been developed consecutively for three weeks.

Among the institutions that have been addressed with this plan are the José Antonio Abreu and Ramón Ignacio Méndez educational complexes of the Trujillo municipality, Rafael María Urrecheaga of Pampán, Rafael Rangel de Valera and Cecilia Solano of the San Rafael de Carvajal municipality.

The information was provided by the sole Education authority of the state of Trujillo, María Palomares, who highlighted that the Ministry of Popular Power for Education promoted a deployment throughout the country to consolidate the National Student Preventive Plan My Safe School, with the promotion of values, patriotic principles and a healthy coexistence in each of the Educational Complexes.

“In five Educational Complexes we have served 3 secondary education students from four municipalities in the state of Trujillo. The successful continuity of this student care policy is due to the commitment of the educational authorities to the well-being and safety of the country's girls, responding positively to the premises emanated by the Ministry of Popular Power for Education," he indicated.

Likewise, Palomares pointed out that during the conference, topics of great importance for students have been raised, such as the proper use of cell phones, comprehensive sexuality education, healthy dating, the educational institution as a territory of peace, first aid and reduction of violence, among others.

Educational talks

For her part, Verónica Reyes, a second-year student at the Rafael María Urrecheaga Educational Complex, said that with the talks received “we learned how to take care of ourselves and who to turn to when we have a problem.”

Vanesa Maldonado, a second-year student at the Ramón Ignacio Méndez Educational Complex in the Trujillo municipality, added that officials from various security forces gave workshops on gender violence and anti-drugs in order to strengthen the culture of peace.

Finally, the sole authority of Education, María Palomares, asserted that these plans generate a commitment to always maintain the days of comprehensive care for students, while thanking the different national and regional organizations for their support during the development of these activities. .

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