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Enjoy 30 knot winds in the kitesurfing paradise of Falcón

It is not only a surf school, but a complete accommodation to relax in a sun and beach environment.

On the Paraguaná peninsula there is a place where the wind currents oscillate at 30 knots, a name that inspired the construction of an eco-lodge that offers tourists a place full of amenities at the entrance to the Adícora town, in the Falcón municipality. , Falcon State.

An environment that perfectly combines lodging, rest and kitesurfing school, a privileged water sport in the area due to the shallow depth of the sea and the fast winds.

30 Nudos is a three-star inn, with 17 inhabitants who vary their capacity between family with queen beds, bunk beds and sofa beds; and the double one with a terrace and even a typical hammock.

The latter is the most sought after because its location at the top provides the guest with a beautiful view of the entire inn, as well as a special sound of the breeze that makes them feel as if they are on a cruise ship.

It is an ecological building because its spaces were built with recycling materials, such as rubber bands, scraps of wood and even old and forgotten containers that were rescued and converted into comfortable rooms to spend the night in this complex, which has a restaurant, swimming pool, beach volleyball and Venezuelan ball courts, snack and clothing stores and a beach club.

This atmosphere is mixed with the kitesurf school. Their spaces are also rented for special events such as weddings and birthdays.

Eduar Campos, manager of the inn, emphasized that the restaurant called La Palapa has on the menu everything from pizza to sushi, seafood, fish, various cuts of meat and the most recommended in terms of national and international dishes, which is why they have two chefs. and a sushi maker. “In the four years that we have been in operation we have received tourists from the United States, Canada and Germany,” he said.

He points out that the kitesurfing school receives interested parties in this sport from Caracas, Valencia, Maracay, Barquisimeto and Maracaibo, mainly.

At the same time, he indicated that all the guests who arrive at the place do not want to leave because of the excellent hospitality and first-class attention they provide.

He also made reference to the fact that from Monday to Thursday the type of client who stays is the one who likes tranquility, soft music, relaxation and family sharing, while on weekends it is the public that leans towards kitesurfing.


Having a kitesurfing school in front of the beach right where the best area to practice the sport begins makes them special. This advantage led them to be recently recognized with the 2023 National Tourism Award, in the category of Sports Tourism Initiative, mention: Tourism Innovation. 30 Nudos is made up of a group of professionals motivated to introduce kitesurfing and surfing to the world of tourism. The award was obtained after a survey of guests who rated them positively for promoting tourism and training in water sports.


How to get. Take the Coro-Punto Fijo highway, detour towards Adícora, Supi and Tiraya. At the end of the road you will find a Y where the letters that say Adícora are located, just behind it is the inn.

Booking. You can write to your Instagram account @30nudoskitecenter or by phone 0412-884-07-74. The rooms come with breakfast included and those who sign up for the kitesurfing course stay free.

What services does it offer? They have laundry, wifi, air conditioning and parking.

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