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The week began with the announcement of the recordings of the reality show “Bad Women.” The producers of Hispano Medios decided that the 10 episodes will be made entirely in Zulia. This fact seems like a clever move due to the population density that the state has (translated into potential spectators) and the protectionist attitude that the inhabitants of the region usually have towards everything that is happening within their borders.

“Bad Women”, furthermore, represents the continuation of what began with the series “dramatic“. That is, Daniel Ferrer Cubillán's desire to take advantage of the Venezuelan talent scattered around the world, to give new life to the television industry.

A priori, the most striking merit of the new proposal lies in the cast. There are seven names of great weight in the world of Venezuelan entertainment. Mariángel Ruiz, refused to return to acting after the boom of “The Young Widow” and away from the small screen since she resigned from hosting Miss Venezuela.

Daniela Alvarado, considered the best actress of her generation and who keeps in touch with the public, through her Instagram account. Her last television work was in “My ex wants me.”

Norkys Batista, also a sought-after influencer who shares adventures and pranks with her husband and son. Since “My ex has me desire” she has not worked in soap operas, although she continues on stage with the inexhaustible piece “Orgasmos”.

Coraima Torres, the unforgettable “Kassandra” residing in Bogotá since the beginning of this century. In some way, the reality show constitutes her reunion with Venezuela, where she has not worked since “Change of Skin.”

Daniela Navarro, who has lived in Miami for more than a decade, where she has made herself felt as a protagonist and as a personality in “The House of the Famous,” for example. Here she said goodbye in “Tomasa I love you.”

Kiara, focused on her role as a singer, has formed a powerful team with Karina, Diveana, Elisa Rego and Karen Matell, attending engagements throughout the continent. Her last histrionic work was in “Nora”.

And Roxana Díaz, the only one who repeats with Hispano Medios, after having been the main villain in “Dramáticas”. On social media she has found a niche that keeps her active.

All of them, reunited, will do social work in Maracaibo, La Guajira, La Villa del Rosario, Sinamaica and San Andrés Island. The interesting thing, the morbid thing, is in the coexistence, because there seem to be many egos, although it is true that they are all adults and that is a topic that the production team knew how to handle without blood reaching the river in “Dramatics.”

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