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Pedro de la Hoz

Incisive, very incisive. It was always clear and resounding, and to be so it was formed in two aspects that journalism loved: the Academy and the Street. The academy on the street, which he liked because of the long view of the towns.

As incisive as he was a friend, Pedro de la Hoz, the dear colleague who departed physically last Wednesday the 5th from Havana, after battling cancer as titanic as it was unsuccessful. He was 71 years old, this colleague who admired the spirit of Venezuelans, who visited our country and who dedicated meridian texts to our stay at Radio Rebelde during the “Club Caribe” stage.

Pedro welcomed us when we arrived to work and also sadly said goodbye to us when we returned to Venezuela. At every possible opportunity in Havana or Caracas we established contact and he was very supportive when we wanted to hold a Caribbean meeting of journalists dedicated to music.

I visited him only once at Diario Granma. He was very focused on his work and did not want to be distracted, since he was in full journalistic practice. In his place, the also unforgettable colleague Omar Vásquez, his colleague from the Cultural Editorial Team, attended us fraternally.

During the last few months he no longer responded to our messages. We did not know about his illness until this Wednesday when Sergio Santana from Medellín notified us, and Randy Alonso, from Cubadebate, certified the terrible final hours of the comrade who left.

The journalists, colleagues and people, gathered at the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, paid tribute to him this Thursday. Pedro de la Hoz, by decision of his family, was cremated.
He is an exceptional journalist, a foolproof friend and an anti-colonialist of the "not even that much kind."

Peace to his soul, light to his memory and permanent honor to his example of an incisive, integral communicator, consistent with truth and history.


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