You lie? Why?

A few days ago, I told a friend about my experience using a menstrual cup for the first time. So, casually as you always read me, “Is lost. I couldn't find it, I didn't know how to get it out of there, I almost started crying.

He, who is a doctor, recalled that once while in the hospital he saw a couple arrive plunged into despair. "Get it out, please," she repeated. It wasn't a request for an abortion, nor was it a stuck sex toy. It was a simple and vulgar condom.

However, the companion was her lover and the husband was about to get home after a long trip, so, logically, he would not react well to running into someone else's condom in the middle of a long-awaited and expected love reunion.

The story reminded me of Nando, the love cat. The guy landed on his feet even in the most embarrassing situations. For a few years, he worked in a travel agency located in a famous shopping center in the city.

The work flow was little and in his abundant free time he ended up putting his eye (and "the bullet") on the body of a beautiful brunette who worked in a nearby hairdresser.

One afternoon, while they were talking to each other, very close, she interrupted the prevailing eroticism with an abrupt "shit, shit, here comes my husband." Nando looked through the window and contemplated the reflection of the guy. It must have been almost two meters tall and weighed about a hundred kilos.

So, she got even closer to her lover and said: Act normal, introduce us. When he arrived, his wife greeted him with a warm kiss: "My love, what a surprise to see you, look, come, I present my friend Nando."

Nando jumped back, looked at him in detail from top to bottom and vice versa until with a mischievous smile he shot: "what a big guy!". Excuse me?, refuted the guy. Then, Nando waved his hands as if obstinate because of the little understanding he received, while he addressed his lover: And you eat all that, darling? what a sweet tooth!

Believing he understood the scene, the stocky husband took a step back, as if there were a latent risk of contagion. "I came to get you for lunch," he murmured. "Sure, let's go".

“Ayyyy, how delicious! I'll eat a tuna sandwich and a sugar-free watermelon juice, because I have to keep my figure. By the way, darling… Doesn't your husband have a brother as well in size L as him?” Nando yelled between laughs as he walked away.

A couple of hours later, the woman called him: You're hot! Where did you get that princess attitude? "From the survival instinct, my love, where else is it going to be," he replied.

The story and the endless lies that made it possible continued for a couple more years. Her husband never found out about her. Neither does his wife. “How come they don't notice/noticed it?” asked more than one. But if we lived thinking that we are victims of the tricks of those around us, life in society would be unbearable.

Statistics show that lying is almost always present in public life and in family contexts. Should we agree with psychologist Miguel Hierro, when he states that "lying is like colds, everyone suffers from them?"

In the book "Love without fear of spoiling", the psychologist Yolanda González Vara, indicates that the ability to lie arises in childhood and represents an important advance in the development of the child since it reveals the independence of his mental structure with respect to that of his parents.

In this sense, children "lie" to protect themselves, to get something they want, to avoid punishment, out of loyalty to their parents or, in the case of victims of abuse, out of fear that telling the truth could break important affective bonds.

Adolescents, on the other hand, lie to look good, to simulate something that, in reality, they are not, to hide from their parents transgressions that they consider reprehensible or, simply because they believe that this lie makes it easier for them to enter a group they want to be part of.

But what about you, adults of my heart, are you lying? Why?

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