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What they call "symbiosis"

Have you ever seen how two trees of different species begin to come together as they grow or age to end up melting into a kind of hug?

It's called symbiosis, a term that comes from the Greek σύν, syn, together; and βίωσις, biosis, to live, and it is applied to the relationship or intimate association of organisms of different species to benefit each other in their vital development. We know what happens, for example, between bees and plants, sharks and remoras, etc.

But recently, a team of more than 200 researchers, led by Stanford University, published a map that reflects the multiple symbiotic relationships in more than a million forests, with a total of 28.000 tree species.

The study also verified that the symbiosis between microorganisms and trees influences the climate. Soil fungi and bacteria connect trees to each other and weave a global web that plays a key role in climate regulation.

These relationships not only influence the carbon cycle, but are also directly related to such important aspects as soil fertility, hydrology, and future biomass production.

What does this have to do with love? A lot, don't you think? These are completely different species that understand the importance of living together for a greater, collective good. Something that many humans have not yet achieved, no matter how many signs nature sends us.

For example, the Australian blue mouse, a small bird that lives in southeast Australia and Tasmania, was recently found to be able to understand the alert calls of other bird species even without seeing the predator.

That is, the mouse understands other birds in a similar way to how we understand foreign languages. According to experts, it is a social learning. For them, learning from others is easier than learning from direct experience, and above all less risky.

A principle that could help us fight against the famous "no one learns from someone else's head" or at least would give us a little more empathy. Perhaps the key to understanding love is to look at more trees and birds.

By: Jessica dos santos


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