Two decades without forgetting

In Propatria everyone talked about how sexy "the little girl from Maracay" was who had moved to the neighborhood. Daniel preferred to be silent. He knew that at any moment she would hear those comments and he thought that it was better to "play dumb" and "keep quiet" so as not to sound like another slob.  

Although, the truth is, since he saw her get out of the car, he felt that it had been "love at first sight": what a girl! Days later, when he left school, he stopped by the winery to buy a little snack. Then he saw her again. Rosa was playing "paralyzed ere" with her cousin. At that time, smartphones did not exist and that was the usual way to have fun.

Then, Daniel was filled with courage and decided to speak to him. They were both 14 years old. They talked for a while and when they said goodbye, he took her hand in a mischievous way. A couple of weeks later, they were already secretly kissing in all the nooks and crannies of that Caracas neighborhood.

From that innocent closing of eyes that preceded the brush of their lips, they leaped into the clumsy fieryness of adolescent love. Daniel still remembers the first time they were together: “I will never forget his look, he looked like a wild cat looking at prey. But, at the same time, she was tender and her heart was racing ”.

After that, six months of repeated, quick and furtive sexual encounters followed. Most of the time, they would meet at the home of Daniel's parents. But from time to time, they took advantage of the loneliness that reigned in Rosa's home. However, their families never found out about that adventure.

One day Daniel heard that Rosa's parents would change her school and suddenly, as if it were a nightmare, he stopped seeing her. The bad tongues said that –after some “family conflicts” - the girl had to return to Maracay. Then, he felt like they had taken "the love of his life" away from him too quickly.

In time, she had no choice but to resign herself and move on with her life. But, as often happens, right after making this determination, she came back. Three or four years had passed, Rosa now carried a little boy in her arms. She was a teenage mother, who was unhappily "married".

Despite that, they managed to get out a few more times. Then, she explained that she had left because her parents were divorcing and she was caught in the tidal wave of two breakups: their parents' and theirs. After this, he met the father of his daughter and the obvious happened. He was not happy, but that was "his turn."

They never shuffled the possibility of being lovers. On the contrary, Daniel decided to continue with his studies, "left the neighborhood" and after many failed stories (so many that he has six daughters by different women), he finally found a new love, with whom he shares his life today. It is a stable relationship, where peace reigns.

She, for her part, went to Mexico. From time to time, they chat on Facebook. He recently learned that the boy with whom he returned in his arms had already turned 21 years old. But, in addition, he has four other children, from different parents.

Would they have been just as unstable in love had they stayed together? Was it a kind of sentence? Laughing, they have asked him a couple of times. Daniel confesses that he lives remembering Rosa and trying to recreate - without much success - what he felt with her kisses. Physical distance slows down the "foolish yearnings" of these two decades without being able to forget it.


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