Too late

Jesús Urbina acknowledges that he did not have a perfect relationship. However, he believes they were better than dozens of couples he knows.

He saw it for the first time in May 2012. He remembers the date as if it were yesterday. They became engaged on February 2, 2013 after a few ice creams and several trips to the movies.

He was totally convinced that she was "the ideal woman" for him. They began living together in 2014. Two years later, they found out that they were expecting their first child.

The firstborn was born on May 10, 2017. In Venezuela, diapers, maternal formulas and resources for Jesus were scarce. The country was full of long lines to buy basic goods. Desperation kept him from enjoying the moment. 

Weeks later, Jesús decided to accept a better job offer at Margarita. They were almost 500 kilometers apart. However, his wife did not want to leave Caracas. It was about a frightened new mother who felt calmer in her parents' laps, despite her husband's constant pleading.

At the time, the distance and Jesus did their thing. The man started dating another. But as there is nothing hidden between the island and the city: her partner found out and the scene turned the color of an ant. The fights came and went. He definitively ended that short love affair and decided to return to the capital to "recover his home."

Contradictory as it may sound, his wife accepted him back, but could never forgive that infidelity. It was something that he used to remind her of almost every day. He took on the showers and moved on. At this point, he just wanted his family to stay together.

In the midst of this crusade, the covid made its triumphal entry. The pandemic forced them into confinement. For Jesus, never before has living with his in-laws been so uncomfortable. From ñapa, the coronavirus also forced them to stop the construction of their house in El Junquito.  

In addition, when the poor lava rains: the baby became ill at the end of August 2020. The medical emergency prevailed and forced them to leave the house. The boy was hospitalized for 15 days at the JM de los Ríos Hospital, where he was diagnosed with nephritic syndrome. Since then and after being discharged, medical procedures were the order of the day.

Jesus took his wife and son to each of the rigorous exams and consultations. But, he could not wait for them or return them, as his work prevented him. The emergency did not make her in-laws soften. On the contrary, living with them went from bad to worse. That is why, in early 2021, Jesus decided to spend time at his parents' house.

Despite the "move", they remained together. They spoke every day, they always saw each other, they considered each other husband and wife. Until little by little, she began to change. “Nothing's wrong with me”, “these are your ideas”, “I don't understand what you're talking about”. But on March 20, the last time they made love, Jesus knew that she was definitely "no longer there." Since then, his wife dedicated himself to "removing his body."

The vertigo produced by the idea of ​​losing someone you love made him creative. For this reason, on April 19, he wanted to take advantage of his day off and at nine o'clock in the morning he was taken by surprise. But he was surprised. He only found his son in the care of his in-laws.

Where was his wife on a holiday, in the middle of a radical week and alone? Jesus decided to stay with his son and wait for "an explanation." The woman returned at four in the afternoon, "as cool as a carnation, although outside there was tremendous sun seed."

She had gone out to buy, but came empty-handed after stumbling across all the closed shops. In the end, between one anecdote and the other, the thing no longer seemed so strange. But, the lie has short legs ... especially when it does not matter to be discovered.

In May, she introduced herself to her “new boyfriend”, the man with whom she began her struggle for independence that April 19. It was nothing more and nothing less than the pediatrician-nephrologist who had treated his son at the JM de Los Ríos.

Jesus felt doubly betrayed. In his head, this was absolutely inconceivable. He lasted almost a year courting her and another conquered her in just a few weeks. But, in addition, his calculations did not give: "this does not take a day, not a month" and to add insult to injury, his in-laws accepted the guy with open arms.

They no longer lived together, but the truth is that neither of them had officially ended that long relationship. When Jesus questioned her, she asked him for "a time" to be able to "heal her wounds." But “from the doctor's hand?” Jesus wonders.

Despite that, our protagonist has tried to recover it. He sent her "bouquets and twigs" of flowers, thousands of chocolates, the nail paints that she loved so much, her favorite perfume, packages to the beach and Colonia Tovar, he was willing to heal her mistakes, he proposed to move alone, change their phone numbers, get away from everyone ... get married!

When he lost her, he discovered that "he loves her like the first day", he believes he is willing to forgive her, he wishes to "solve things" especially for the health of his son, who adopted a deep rebellion against his mother. But reality prevails and, against the ropes of the ring of love, Jesus assimilates his defeat more every day.

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