The record player was gone

Carmela is a native of the Portuguese state. Black is native to Anzoátegui. They met in Caracas in the 60s. He was a union leader and she was a responsible secretary, who was always "tiptoeing".

Between fiery speeches and fucking compliments, trusting that opposites attract each other, Lucho tried to attract their attention. He carried her, he sought her, he brought her. In that back and forth, like a good strategist of yesteryear, he put his mother in his pocket.

Very soon, the lady shot to kill: Daughter, don't you think that Luchito is a good option for you? Deep down, Carmela thought otherwise, but — regardless of her mother — she felt a kind of “fatal attraction”. Soon after, he said "yes" to the register and the altar.

The marriage advanced and Lucho's political career also. His unionism led him to become a deputy for Democratic Action (AD) for three terms. Together they moved to the dirt road, made by Rómulo Betancourt, where the adecal (adecos leaders) lived.

She continued working, although with more comforts: her own car and a driver during the periods when she was pregnant. They had 3 daughters. However, Carmela did not feel part of that world. She did not resemble the "barragana" Blanca Ibáñez or Mrs. Cecilia Matos.

Although Carmela shared her partner's political militancy, she was not among the everyday glasses of whiskey or the end-of-the-year rumbones of the politicians of yesterday and today. For this reason, little by little, he began to be absent from social commitments and fights appeared.

One day, when she returned home, Carmela realized that her husband's record player was no longer in the living room. Then he knew. Luis had gone off with his lover, a girl half his age. Quickly, the divorce proceedings and the distribution of assets began.

However, the depression caused Carmela to lose tens of kilos. Most days, this woman rolled down Libertador avenue listening to Oscar D'León's latest hit: “For your bad behavior you will regret it, you will have to pay for all my suffering very dearly. You will cry and cry without anyone to comfort you and thus you will realize that if they cheat on you, it hurts ”.

Upon learning of her condition, her brand-new ex-husband had no better idea than ... to take her daughters! Carmela remembers that those were other years, where women / mothers did not necessarily have priority (neither for custody nor to keep possessions) and, as always, contacts determined everything.

If a deputy wanted his daughters, he would have his daughters. In addition, at the request of the politician, she was admitted to a mental clinic in the east of the city, where they forced her to eat and gave her a powerful cocktail of antidepressants with anxiolytics.

After weeks of being there, on a second Sunday in May, when Mother's Day was celebrated, her ex took her daughters to “spend a little time together” at the health center. Carmela was coming down the stairs with the nurse on duty when she saw him approach. The guy looked flawless, plump, happy and she was there "destroyed, like crazy."

From that day on, the patient began to pretend that she was taking the pills, struggled against her thoughts and gradually regained control of herself. Gained weight. And after a while, she insisted that she was ready to go home. So it was.

After achieving this, Carmela had the hope of being able to get her daughters back, but her little ones did not want to move in with her. At Daddy's house, each had her own room. In addition, Luis's constant absences were "rewarded" with many gifts.

Carmela had to accept her reality and trust the passage of time. A psychologist helped her cope with the process. Over the years, teenage girls tired of the treatment of their stepmother (who was also cheated on by a younger one) asked to go back to their mother.

Furthermore, AD ceased to be AD and the black Lucho lost all his status and power. There were never savings and their belongings were scattered between their many love separations. His young conquests disappeared almost as quickly as the "comrades in the fight" with whom he was partying. "There are no friends in politics," Carmela used to tell him.

In time, she managed to forgive him. His heart filled with compassion: “He could never fill his voids. He had everything and was left with nothing ”. Today, in fact, she considers herself her best friend. About him and all the girlfriends he has had, who soon run terrified, but not before telling Carmela: "woman, I don't know how you endured it so much."

Carmela is 75 years old, she did not remarry, she lives alone and deeply happy. Today he believes that almost all the "evils of love" with time dissipate and even "make you laugh." Luis is a little younger and today he shares his life with “a lady of his age”. After he was old, he became a Buddhist to try to forget everything, but according to his ex-wife he is only "a madman who wastes his present remembering past glories and mistakes."

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