The love between puppies and goths

The Capulets and the Montagues were two rival political factions from Verona, Italy. Juliet is the daughter of Capellio, the leader of the Capulets, and is betrothed to Tybalt. But after an encounter with Romeo, the leader of the Montagues, both young men fall in love.  

Nobody had found out, except Lorenzo, his doctor and confidant, who decides to keep the secret from them. However, things get even more complicated when Romeo inadvertently kills Juliet's brother during a battle.

Anyone would believe that such a story could only occur in the European literature of the 1500s. Yet in Colombia - the cradle of magical realism - even more powerful love stories have been woven.

It was the 1940s and the Colombian Justo García was madly in love with Ana Patricia. But, he was a liberal youth militant and she belonged to a well-known conservative family.

After nine civil wars of a national nature and thousands of regional ones, two blocks were formed in Colombia that would live facing each other for more than a century: the Reds (Liberals) and the Blues (Conservatives).

Justo, the liberal, fought against the conservatism of Ana Patricia's brothers despite having known them since childhood. In fact, from time to time, they were confronted with firearms.

According to Justo, the attacks did not seek to assassinate the other but to "intimidate" him, to show which one was stronger. Over the years the collisions acquired terrible dimensions.

The death of Jorge Eliécer Gaitán in 1948 and the arrival to the Presidency of the ultra-conservative Laureano Gómez in 1950 fueled the conflict. According to Justo, the conservative police began to seize all the lands and assets of the liberals.

For this reason, while the Liberal Directorate was dedicated to suffering in silence its marginalization from power and the rural bases of the party proclaimed themselves "guerrillas", Justo decided to lower his political profile and renounce his feeling for Ana Patricia.

The protagonist of our story acquired a small farm, far from the mecca of conflicts. Some time later, he married Clara, a rural school teacher who called herself liberal, but had little or nothing to do with the contention of those bloody years.

Together they had 9 children and more than 20 grandchildren. It is precisely these descendants who remember their grandfather speaking to them of 'cachiporros' and 'Godos' as one who speaks of 'Montagues' and 'Capulets'. Then, in a low voice, he whispered his eternal love for Ana Patricia. "There is no one in the world like her."

To the amazement of the little ones, Justo reiterated that he had loved “grandmother Clara” very much, but the first loves are never forgotten. "When they grow up they will understand."

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