She would never stop him

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It was hard to tell what plan they were up to. They always saw them together, but there was never a hand holding or passionate kisses. For friends and family, it was almost impossible for them to have something: Mariana would never stop a fuck like José.

She was a spectacular blonde. She had the most defined curls any hairdresser has ever seen. For some strange reason, that hair made a perfect match with her tiny breasts and wide hips. She always opted for a soft makeup although with colorful outfits. Not to mention his two university careers and the graduate degree in progress.

José, on the other hand, always wears jeans beaten by the passage of time, the same pair of flannels full of fluff and the old brand sports shoes that he has not been able to replace in years. The guy had no vices, he worked like no other, but he peeled balls like almost everyone. From ñapa, he carried on his shoulders the maintenance of his maternal family.

He was madly in love with Mariana, yes. But he was aware of "his weaknesses." His friends encouraged him by assuring him that "the poor are always saved by lip service." However, God had also not endowed him with the gift of speech. Furthermore, he had dropped out of college "to make money." 

When seeing them together, anyone would hum the old merengue of Juan Luis Guerra and his 440: "She summa cum laude, I have great difficulty" or the old song from Los Adolescentes: "You don't enter her social class so she doesn't stop loving you ”. But was there any chance that Mariana would look at him with loving eyes? How do our attractions arise?

According to the University of Syracuse, in New York, it takes us only half a second to fall in love with someone because that is the exact time it takes our brain to release the neurotransmitter molecules of love: oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline and vasopressin.

But, in addition to the role that biochemistry plays, why does a woman melt for one man and not another, even though she met them on the same day, in the same place and under the same circumstances? Perhaps neither psychology nor neuroscience will get the answer.

Jose, however, needed to find out if he could ever make it. So he plucked up his courage and asked her out. Without thinking twice, she said yes. Laughter reigned that afternoon. That can never be a bad sign. So little by little, the appointments multiplied. Soon, they would meet their families. Suddenly, they were assumed to be "something."

Mariana's friends, between bewilderment and subtle envy, began to swear and perjure that "she looked for it like that so that no one takes it away", to murmur that perhaps "she saw it where it was" and openly hint at its possible " lovemaking skills ”.

Obstinate with so much nonsense, the undervalued suitor took advantage of a group outing to stand up before everyone and publicly admit each and every one of his shortcomings, but also display his aces up his sleeve: I only have the certainty that I can love Mariana until the last breath of my life.

That princess, tired of going out with "intellectuals" and "silver shit" who knew little or nothing about the commitment, felt that she had found a man who, despite being very different from her, shared the same life project: giving and receive everything they have.

At the wedding, when the priest exclaimed "the groom can now kiss the bride," all the friends longed to be Rubén Blades's Ligia Elena eloping with the neighborhood trumpeter.

Years later, although both recognize that although from time to time the social difference has been present and they are still looked at strangely in the supermarket, love has triumphed.

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