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My little piece of heaven

Eliana and Daniel were married in a civil ceremony on January 17, 2013. Just 9 days later, they were doing it before the altar.

From the first moment they tried to have a baby, but for three years God did not hear their request. "Every day we ask him to give us the privilege and blessing of being parents," they remember.

Tired of waiting, they decided to go to the specialists in the field. Eliana had polycystic ovaries, which prevented her from getting pregnant.

The obstetrician-gynecologist indicated certain tests, one stronger than the other, to achieve the task artificially. However, on June 26, 2015, when they were finally ready to start the process, news changed their plans.

"If this is not a pregnancy, I will stop practicing," exclaimed the doctor before the ultrasound. "This is the first time in my 40-year career that this has happened to me," she added.

Eliana and Daniel had managed to ovulate naturally. They were both stunned at the monitor. But it was true, this was happening. 

The pregnancy also went completely normally. So much so that they decided to schedule a cesarean section for February 12, 2016.

But, once again, Alondra decided to arrive when and how she wanted. Eliana's water broke on February 6, during the birthday of her sister-in-law, Daniel's sister. That night the celebration was double.

Ali, as her parents call her, was a 180 degree turn in their lives. «I swore to change her diapers and she promised to change my life. Since her arrival, I am a fuller, free man, in love with the days », says Daniel.

All this was reflected in a letter he wrote just after his birth:

“My pupils hardened from not being able to look at you, my hands made room for you. I confess that I complained to God that you took so long to arrive, in silence I cried many times for your delay, but now you are here, I see you, I hug you, and love explodes. You are the little piece of heaven that I earned after wishing for it so much, with everything and its stars. You will be happy, the happiest. Your birth gave birth to a father and a mother."

From time to time, Daniel reads these letters to him. When that happens, Alondra bursts with joy and says she is proud "of having chosen them as potatoes."

His phrase may seem like a childish incoherence. But, in reality, Daniel does believe that the soul of the children chooses the parents before coming to earth and taking a physical form.

Perhaps many are wondering if they really would have chosen the parents they have, but according to these theories it would not be a rational or intellectual choice but rather an electromagnetic attraction.

According to the Kundalini theory retaken by the yogi master Bhajan, "the soul of a baby chooses the parents and the family where it will be born up to 3 months before conception."

With this belief, the famous phrase that many of us use with our parents when we get angry about something would be discarded: “I did not ask you to bring me into the world. I didn't choose you to be my mother/father."

The truth is that, for Daniel, his daughter's soul made the right choice, she became a repowered version of them, more spontaneous, authentic, an artist - a few days ago she entered the National System of Children's Orchestras - capable of solving any wrong.

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  1. In Metaphysics, (Nothing to do with occultism, malevolent or not, or fanatical religions), it is considered that this condition is natural to the spirit in the processes of reincarnation.

  2. Good morning Rodolfo, thanks for reading my story, my wife and I are faithful believers that children choose us as father before they reach the earthly plane, in the same way, therefore, we also chose ours of course, I invite you to read more about this theory, it is very interesting and we discover ourselves as beings of light.

    Of course thanks to you Jessica for posting me, a hug.

  3. Beautiful article. The story... Everything. She had read something related to how children choose their parents before they are conceived. Good topic.

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