Many kisses and none of that

The year 2015 was about to end without any news for Omar. But, suddenly, Carolina was transferred to the Legal Consulting department that he coordinated.

She was a dedicated lawyer, a super efficient fuck. She was almost 40 years old, she was proudly single, she knew herself to be possessed of overwhelming sympathy and incalculable intelligence.

However, Omar was captivated by his gift to converse without being delayed in his duties. Often they had to work together. He assigned her one job after another and she always delivered them with the best results, far above the rest of her peers.

For two years, they were an excellent work duo. But, just when the 2018 anti-government protests, known as “guarimbas,” began, the picture began to change.

The demonstrations forced them to leave their homes much earlier and, of course, to return later, which caused them to spend more time together and after hours.

Omar, who always arrived earlier than necessary, began to feel a great desire to see her arrive before the rest. It was, in his opinion, the only way to greet her with a kiss on the cheek or a hug that would reveal his feelings.

In this way, the box of feelings began to open. Then, our protagonist went on the "hunt" and his "attack" was happily reciprocated.

Carolina reacted to all his compliments in a provocative way, accepted any invitation, constantly showed her interest. Suddenly, they began to see each other almost every Saturday with the excuse of finishing the earrings. But it turns out that Omar, for many years, had a forceful "marital status: married" on his ID.

This "small detail" made it impossible for them to carry out any intimate encounter because Carolina, a native of Andean lands and educated under the strictest Catholic teaching, flatly refused the "sin" of materializing the fierce desire she felt for the alien man.

However, Omar assures that the love that arose between them was so deep that, although they never made love, he felt the happiest man in the world to be by his side. "When it came to Carolina stroking her cheeks, kissing her forehead or looking into her eyes was more than enough," she recalls.

He assures that he could have spent his whole life in that dynamic. Although, also persisting in their claims to advance to the sexual plane. But, suddenly, Carolina put him between a rock and a hard place: "I want a life partner, someone who is by my side every day with their respective nights." 

Omar thought about it, but couldn't. Imagining parting with his wife for "so long" was terrifying to him. It doesn't matter if there was more custom than love, he simply couldn't conceive of the idea, even though he “loved” Carolina and deeply wanted to be with her.

Carolina, for her part, established reasonable deadlines for Omar to make the decision. Deep down, she wanted to be a mother, she had just turned 40, and felt she couldn't waste another minute. Sometimes it seems, as if it were a spell, that the more anxious women are with motherhood, the more "impossible couples" come into our lives. 

Finally, the day arrived and Omar exhibited a mixture of fear with comfort: I'm sorry, I love you, but I will not leave "my home." After saying it out loud, the void grew even deeper. "I felt that my world was ending, but I was not able to take a different step," he recalls.

After that, he thought about quitting the job. But Carolina took the lead: she left and also blocked it from all possible digital instances. Since then, Omar has changed his behavior at home. “At the beginning I was careful to be very discreet, but then nothing mattered; maybe I was looking for an excuse to make the decision ”, he assures.

After a while, his wife learned some of the ins and outs of this "furtive relationship." They are still together. They have two children. But this chunk of many kisses and "none of that" forever wound their marriage. In a way, the man was left "without the goat and without the rope."

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