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Is it possible to “delete” a memory?

Weeks ago, I went to Brígido Iriarte with my dad to watch the Brazil and Venezuela match (U23 Pre-Olympic). We both had too many years without going to that stadium. But when I was a little girl, he used to take me quite often.

In fact, one of the silliest and happiest memories of my childhood was there. From the field, they threw “prizes” into the stands. I couldn't catch any. Then, my old man bought a white frisbee with the 'Eveba' logo, which became my favorite toy for several years.

But, supposedly, when we left there, we boarded a Malibu taxi that, according to what they say, smelled a lot of gasoline, which caused me to “go vomit” in a matter of minutes, with only one result: a driver wanting to “murder.” to my father.

And I say “supposedly” because, although the smell of gasoline continues to make me nauseous, I don't remember that part of the story, not even distantly, no matter how much I try to do so.

That made me stop and think, for days, about those things that I experienced and considered extremely important, but today I can't even reconstruct them in my mind.

Then, I realized that I forgot conversations, the last name of a guy I once dated, the address of a house I went to on several occasions, the date of a birthday for which I prepared big surprises not once or twice but many times.

In search of these answers, I went through some old emails, chats, profiles, only to discover that I had forgotten even more things than I thought, including some actions I took at certain times.

At this point, it's already worrying me. I have learned to deal with my inability to remember dates or names (of actors, for example) for long periods, but forgetting my own experiences?

“It's normal, some memories fade over time or are completely erased from our memory, thus leaving room for new experiences,” a friend told me.

But is it really like that? How does this happen? How is what we will get rid of selected?

According to science, memories are not permanent, since they are maintained in a continually changing tissue in which some neurons die and certain connections change or weaken.

However, some studies indicate that the brain does not delete memories at random. On the contrary, there are factors that can cause a memory to be erased or fade over time.

For example, intense emotional memories tend to be more persistent, while trivial or unemotional ones may be more likely to be erased.

“There are memories, short-term calls, that allow us to remember for a limited period of time, for example, the order that mom made for us before going to the supermarket. Those types of memories will be forgotten the next day, like we forget the details of the movies we saw last week, or the face of the delivery person who brought us the food,” explains Dr. Vanesa Tascón.

Additionally, the brain has a “culling” mechanism that can help erase outdated or irrelevant memories. This selective deletion process appears to be especially active during sleep, when the brain can review and reorganize memories.

At the same time, it has been discovered that certain chemicals in the brain, such as the neurotransmitter dopamine, can play a role in the process of erasing memories.

Some specialists have also suggested that erasing memories could have therapeutic benefits for some people who suffer from disorders related to post-traumatic stress or anxiety.

However, according to psychoanalytic theory, everything that one experienced is inscribed in the psyche.

The way in which it is inscribed is another matter, but the memory is there, and it can manifest itself with what is called repetition compulsion. This is, for example, carrying out behaviors that have to do in some way with that memory.

What do you think?

By: Jessica dos santos

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