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Gandhi and his “vow of chastity”

According to the media, the vast majority of the Indian population still considers Gandhi as “the father of the nation.”

In fact, his face appears on banknotes and there are portraits of him in all public buildings in the country.

One of his best-known phrases says that “The most atrocious of the bad things of bad people is the silence of good people.”

So, good people, let's talk about the dark side of Gandhi.

Beyond the iconic image of the frail old man, with round glasses and a white tunic, nobly malnourished, and who supposedly established a kind of “passive resistance” that helped India escape the clutches of British rule, hid a racist, sexist and pedophile.

As he approached 40 years of age, Gandhi, married and father of four children, decided – without consulting his wife – to take a “vow of chastity,” that is, not to have any more relationships in order to achieve “spiritual plenitude.”

In this way, he stopped sleeping with his wife Kasturba Makhanji, affectionately called Ba, who, by the way, died because of him, since she contracted pneumonia, but Gandhi denied him penicillin because it was “an unknown substance that his body would not accept.” , even though all the doctors told her that it would cure her.

About his wife, Gandhi wrote that he simply “could not bear to look at her” because the expression on her face was “like that of a tame cow” and she always gave him the feeling that she was “about to say something stupid.”

Maybe that's why I stopped being intimate with her.

But, on the other hand, Gandhi did force countless girls to sleep with him in order to "control their will" because he stated that if a man was capable of "containing his impulses in a situation like this" he would be incapable of harming anyone: impulses before a girl?

For the same purpose, he also forced his grandnieces Manu and Abha to bathe with him.

This information was confirmed by Manu herself, who recounts in her diary the moment when Gandhi asked her to sleep with him to “test his conquest of sexual desire.”

She details that this “experiment” lasted two weeks because, when making it public, the líder Indian was strongly criticized by his followers.

Criticism had already arisen before because it is worth noting that Gandhi installed several ashrams, where women were prohibited from sleeping with their own husbands, but they were required to sleep with him.

Among those always summoned was Sushila Nayar, the attractive sister of his secretary.

At the same time, Gandhi forcibly cut the hair of two of his followers, who had been harassed by a young man, to ensure that they would not provoke more desires.

In this sense, he also stated that women lost their humanity the moment men raped them.

Rita Banerji, in her book Sex and Power, adds that Gandhi saw menstruation as the “manifestation of the distortion of a woman's soul by her sexuality,” and also thought that the use of contraceptives was a sign of “tendency toward fornication.” .

Not to mention the bad relationship he had with his children, his expressions about black people (“They are uncivilized, problematic, very dirty and live like animals“), his good treatment towards Hitler, among other details.  

By: Jessica dos santos

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