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A love of film and orchestra

A few days ago I visited the Birthplace of the Liberator Simón Bolívar, which was closed for several months due to being remodeled.

I was so “fevered” with some historical data that I decided to go to Quinta Crespo to see La Cuadra de Bolívar, the house built in 1750 by Juan Vicente Bolívar and María de la Concepción Palacios, Simón's parents.

Bolívar's story caught me again so I ended up watching some movies again including 'El Libertador' (2014), directed by Alberto Árvelo Mendoza.

So, as love pursues me, I ended up reading that it was during the recording of this film that María Valverde, the Spanish actress who played María Teresa del Toro (Simón Bolívar's wife) met the Venezuelan musician, Gustavo Dudamel.

At that time, María had been engaged to the actor, Mario Casas, for 4 years, but shortly after the film's premiere, that relationship collapsed. 

Gossip tells that Mario Casas was "to blame" because he interfered with another actress, Berta Vázquez, with whom he later had a two-year story.

This was extremely painful for María, who was harassed by the media, which headlined:

“Her love with Mario has lasted three films” ('Three meters above the sky', 'I feel like you' and 'La Mula', three films starring both).

After this, Maria declared that she had the feeling of having shared her life with a stranger:

“You don't realize you haven't been okay until you're really okay; It seems like an inconsistency, but it is not. You have to be brave and assume things, especially out of respect for the person you loved. You can stop loving, but you can never stop respecting the other”.

A year later, Dudamel divorced the Venezuelan actress and professional dancer from the golden age of the Ballet Teresa Carreño, Eloisa Maturén, with whom he was married for 11 years and saw the birth of his first and only child (Martin).

Then, fate seemed to conspire to unite Maria and Dudamel again.

The relationship became public in April 2016 when the actress shared a photo on Instagram at the Musikvere in Vienna, where Dudamel began his tour.

A year later, they decided to get married, by surprise, in Las Vegas.

The public found out when they saw a photo of the actress with a desert and mountainous background, a white dress and a beautiful flower crown made by herself.

After the wedding, they spent a season in Paris, where he conducted the Opera Orchestra, later in Los Angeles, where he took over the Philharmonic Orchestra, and where the couple settled in a beautiful house in the colorful Los Feliz neighborhood. .

Today, both are far from scandals. In fact, the press describes them as "one of the most discreet, stable and successful couples on the artistic scene".

She calls him "the love of my life" and assures that "true love is the greatest peace of mind that any human being can feel."

He says that he is “very much in love” and “very proud” of her: “she is a great artist and we get along very well, I adore her, I love her. What else can I say?", declared Dudamel, who has also commented that he does not mind at all being better known in Europe as "Maria's husband" than as "the orchestra director".

In addition, María gets along very well with the musician's son and also with his ex-wife.

The greatest victory of both has been to forgive, forgive each other and take responsibility for their stories.

By: Jessica dos santos

Tell me your story, write it as it may, together we shape and share it. Spread the different forms of love, it is always necessary: [email protected]

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