A bulletproof love

Hanna and Cristopher met during 2012 in a bar in the city of Maracay. Upon seeing each other, the physical attraction was immediate. Later, as they brushed against their skins during some songs, love also made them want to dance.

As expected, neither knew anything about the other. The night ended full of unknowns that would probably never be answered.

However, fate sometimes seems to be an inevitable succession of events from which no person can escape.

"What heaven has ordered to happen, there is no diligence or human wisdom that can prevent it”, Sentenced the Spanish poet Miguel de Cervantes 400 years ago.

Maybe that's why, a couple of days after that night out, and in the middle of an unexpected police operation, Hanna and Cristopher stumbled once more.

He was a policeman and was a member of the Special Actions Forces (FAES) and that morning he was raiding the building where Hanna had her psychological office.

In that instant, she felt disappointment penetrate every particle of her being. Despite being a psychologist or perhaps precisely because of that, Hanna distrusted (also in love matters) the police officers.

Their beliefs did not seem so crazy or at least there were many studies that analyze the link between being a police officer and domestic violence.

According to the investigation «Violence with a uniform. When the person accused of mistreating his partner is a policeman ”, the context in which they operate, the high workload, their fear of deception and the difficulty in accepting the change in gender roles (that their wives work, for example ) makes them more violent.

Similarly, in the famous ranking of the 10 professions and jobs that house the most unfaithful men, police officers are in first place with 29%.

Although Hanna, in reality, what worried her most was the constant risk in which the lives of the officials remain and, in one way or another, that of their close ones.

But, "resisting Cristopher's charms was not an easy task" and although he tried to get away, he insisted: daily flowers, chocolates, pizzas, invitations.   

Within a few months, the romance had taken on a formal tone. Their families met and blended perfectly.

A year later, Hanna and Cristopher became parents for the first time. And it was precisely in the middle of a family celebration, when the romance turned into a horror thriller.

Cristopher had been after a gang accused of kidnapping and extortion for months. In fact, he had succeeded in catching several of its members but had not been able to find the ringleader. The offender did find him.

The shots went through the vehicles parked outside the house. Hanna feared for her parents' lives but quickly took their daughter and fled the scene. She knew that if they couldn't find her husband, they would try to blackmail him with the little girl.

The rest of the relatives hid as best they could. Christopher fled and quickly contacted his companions, who removed him from the scene. As soon as they reached the police base, they took the necessary ammunition and went looking for the antisocials. But after a strong confrontation, the leader of the gang escaped again. 

Hanna began to feel watched, always waiting for "the bad guys" to show up. He sensed that his very presence had become a threat to his family. After long reflections, he suggested that Cristopher take new paths. It was not an easy approach. Whatever they say about the "pacos", he loved his job.

However, his desire to see his daughter grow was even greater. Today they live together in another country, "they looked for neutral land", he created a surveillance company and Hanna returned to practice her profession.

Both miss their relatives but promised to embrace a new motto: Fallen or standing but always together. To such an extent that his story of romance, drama and action will soon be part of a digital book titled "Bulletproof."

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