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In previous installments, I told you about Elvis Presley y Bob Marley but I cannot close this kind of series about the hypocrisy of certain artists admired for their supposed messages of love without writing about John Lennon.

Lennon, widely known for being “a tireless fighter for peace,” was a battering husband, an absent father, an eternal cheater.

John met Cynthia Powell at art school in Liverpool in 1957. Everyone claims that they were “polar opposites” because she was characterized as “refined and reserved” and he… not so much.

The first conflict between the two arose when Lennon “couldn't stand” seeing Cynthia dancing with Stuart Sutcliffe, a friend of both, in the Ye Cracke pub.

"He (John) saw me dancing with his best friend Stuart, but he was also my best friend Stuart. That made him furious at that moment. But it wasn't until the next day that he caught up with me outside the bathrooms, in the basement of the university, and he hit me. Unlucky enough, I hit my head on the back of the pipes. John, he just left.“, says Cynthia in her book titled 'John'.

After that episode, she left him but he persisted for three months until they finally returned. Cynthia was the one who accompanied John while the band went from venue to venue trying to make themselves known. Then, she witnessed his rise to the altars of fame, where she did not figure.

Indeed, although they married on August 23, 1962 and had a child less than a year later, most fans were unaware that Lennon had a family because he decided to hide it to protect "his image as a teenage idol."

According to Lennon's housekeeper, Dorothy Jartlett, in a letter written 50 years ago, during the years after his son Julian was born, Lennon was an absent father who criticized and even slapped Julian for things like "not having table manners” or “laughing.”

Cynthia still can't forget the day Julian had a fit of laughter and Lennon yelled at him: “I can't stand the way you laugh. Don't let me hear your horrible fucking laugh again.”. Not counting the occasions when she declared to the press that his son was unwanted:

“He was born from a bottle of Whiskey”

During the almost eleven years of their relationship, Lennon's jealous man slept with other women and gave up drugs.thrown anywhere in the house“. It was precisely in the middle of a drunk when she told Cynthia that she was having an affair with the Japanese artist Yoko Ono.

In fact, the Liverpool artist invited Ono to visit him at his home while his wife Cynthia was in Greece. During that visit, the couple spent the night recording their experimental album 'Two Virgins' and, according to Lennon, “they made love at dawnr” in the bed he shared with Cynthia.

Shortly after, Ono revealed that she was pregnant and Lennon was devastated. Later, the Japanese woman suffered a miscarriage but her relationship with Lennon intensified when they protested together against the Vietnam War.

Many, even today, claim that Ono destroyed the Beatles, but it was Lennon who forced her to accompany him everywhere, including rehearsals and… the bathroom.

Additionally, during his marriage to Ono, Lennon had several “affairs” including one with the couple's personal assistant, May Pang. However, Ono assured that that “affair” (which lasted 18 months) was a necessary break for their intense relationship.

If some still believe that these stories are simple "rumors", they can read the interview (almost exorcism or extreme unction) that John gave to Playboy in 1980, which - in addition - was published two days before he was murdered in front of the building where he lived. .

There the singer admits that he was cruel to his son and to Cynthia because he also hit women —”to any woman“—and adds: “That's why I'm always talking about peace, you know? “The most violent people are those who always seek peace and love.”

What do you think?

By: Jessica dos santos

Tell me your story, write it however you like, together we shape it and share it. In life, spreading the different forms of love is always necessary: lasultimasnoticiasdelamor@gmail.com

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