"I can't, I'm leaving"

Enrique was a confirmed bachelor. He was over 40 years old and had no desire to change his civil status. He did not want children or ties, he lived happily with his Persian cat and the lady who, from time to time, would clean his house and leave dozens of frozen lunches.

"I am any woman's dream," she used to tell me. "I think I would never trust a single XNUMX-year-old, without children, with a pet and a clean house, something has to hide," I replied. But the truth is that women rained on him. Generally beautiful and sensitive.

To achieve this, his seduction strategies could always be overcome. For a few months, for example, she went to yoga and Pilates classes in El Hatillo just to get them up. "In what they see that you are not gay, they fall on you," he told me, "and then I start to talk to them about the steps that we must walk on our way to self-knowledge and healing and you were, with that story I kill them all" .

Although I saw him a couple of times hesitating about some videos about Hinduism, he swore and perjured that he was lying to me. No one in their right mind could believe such a disguise. "You haven't seen me," he said. So, I accepted the invitation to witness his modus operandi. Indeed, at the end of the class, the girls whispered about how "beautiful" and "sensitive" it was.

How can we be such idiots? He thought. Why is he so unhappy? He rectified. To a part of me, all that made him laugh a lot. The other was bothered by the deep emotional irresponsibility of acting like this.

"One day you're going to get the shape of your shoe," he used to repeat.

He met her in Avila and wanted to amaze her by inviting her to fly paragliding: "Let's go right now, I also know how to fly," she replied. She was a woman in her forties, but she was rotten good. She had very pronounced features, defined legs, light eyes, and very sexy moles.

She had become a mother at 16, and today, if anything, she looked like her son's older sister. To get ahead, he studied management and made the most of his career for years. But since her sweetie came of age and left home, she dedicated herself to taking up the life she had stopped living.

So, she learned pol dance, practiced extreme sports, got some tattoos, bought the shortest dresses from the stores, and went out to party every weekend.

She had boyfriends and worse is nothing. She conquered some in her role as administrator and others in her informal role. However, with Enrique she was sincere: I am all this. Suddenly, both of them went to yoga classes to see who lifted the most and even their bets were thrown.

They had an equally black humor. One morning, the hell called him through tears:

"My love, is that the cat ...

"The cat what?" What happened to my cat?

—Well, the window was open and… (I added a deafening cry here).

The guy ran home and there was a small sign waiting for him: "Happy April Fools Day."

They didn't give a damn about almost everything.

One Sunday, she invited him to lunch with his parents and the “nonos”. After several hours watching them make the pasta with their own hands and stir the white sauce tirelessly, they both agreed to go for a Heinz 57 to pour it on their freshly served dishes and thus arouse family contempt.

But among the best anecdotes is the day she took him to a nude beach. Enrique did not know how to avoid his erections and she only showed her pee to everyone present.

He, finally, had fallen in love. He was comfortable and happy. From his mind and body, the need to seek other women, to pretend or to dupe, was gone.

But, Daniela's imagination and curiosity had no limits. One day he proposed something to him that even he was not prepared for: swinger (exchanges of sexual partners).

She had already found out everything. There was a club in Caracas, of upper class people, to which they could join:

 "It is not so one, first we meet the couple, we go out with her," he explained.

He accepted, allowed himself to be carried away, but when the moment of the exchange came, he knew that this was more than he could or wanted to continue experiencing. Daniela's emotion even disturbed him. "I can't, I'm going," he said. She followed him. Silence reigned for some days.

After the episode, Daniela tried to "rescue" the story: let's start again, from scratch, just you and me. But, for Enrique, it was impossible to forget that he almost saw her explode in the arms of another. "What could have happened" won out over what was.

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