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“I am very proud of our divorce”

My father loves Bruce Willis action movies (read 'Die Hard'). I, on the other hand, lean more towards his roles in 'Sixth Sense' or 'Pulp Fiction'. However, we both agree on the emotion generated by 'Lágrimas de Sol'.

For this reason, weeks ago we regret to learn that the actor suffers from frontotemporal dementia, an incurable disease that affects his behavior, and could have been caused by a blow received just during the recording of this film.

The news led me to read more about his personal life including, of course, his marriage and subsequent divorce with the renowned actress Demi Moore.

The couple met at the premiere of the film 'Illegal Procedure', starring the actress's then fiancé, Emilio Estévez.

A short time later, Moore announced their breakup, and within weeks, he was already a couple with Bruce: "I found him ready to hug me and give me love," the actress explained at the time.

Indeed, he was so ready that at 4 months they were married in Las Vegas: “We were going to the gaming tables, when Bruce said to me 'I think we should get married.' We had been joking about it on the flight, but suddenly it wasn't a joke anymore.'”

This time they were alone. For this reason, the following month they remarried with the presence of all their family and friends.

A year later, their first daughter, Rumer, was born, named after the British fiction writer, Rumer Godden. “He helped me lift the baby out with his hands,” said Moore, who always admired Bruce's passionate and easy way of being a dad, “even though when it was his turn to change the diaper in the middle of the night, he would whisper to me, 'You I'll give a thousand dollars right now if you do it'”

Everything flowed so well between them that they quickly decided to expand their family: Scout, their second daughter, arrived in 1991, and three years later, Tallulah, their third and last baby.

For years, they took turns not to stop starring in big movies. However, a decade later, the couple announced that they would go their separate ways, since they had already been living apart for months due to the busy schedules of their careers.

In interviews back then, Bruce said he didn't know exactly what went wrong in their marriage, reiterating that he still loved Moore and would try to be his friend for the rest of his life.

The actor kept his promise. In 2005, Moore married fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, and Bruce was among the guests of honor. The same thing happened in 2009 when he decided to join Emma Heming Willis. All this caught the attention of many media.

So Bruce decided to speak out: “Everyone can understand the resentment and envy after a marriage breaks up, but they don't understand how I can get along with my ex. We just put our daughters first. We still have fun together. I still love her and have a lot of respect for the way she lives her life."

In the same vein, she stated: "It's funny to say it, but I'm very proud of our divorce. We managed to transfer the heart of our relationship, of what created our family, to the girls. They grew up in an environment filled with love and support from and with both parents."

They decided not to tear down what took them years to build. On the contrary, they chose to be present in each other's successes and defeats. In fact, they decided to isolate themselves in the pandemic together, with their three daughters. Emma, ​​Willis's current wife, and their two daughters in common also joined the coexistence.

In that time, they documented everything they did together as a kind of "extended" family: cooking, putting together photography projects, starting a book club.

Now, when Bruce's illness was announced, the official statement was signed by Demi Moore, his wife Emma Heming and the actor's five daughters.

They get along, they support each other, they want to make sure every day Bruce has left on earth is filled with love.

You see, there are wonderful people whose marriages just don't work out.

From left to right: Rumer Willis, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Scout Willis, Emma Heming Willis (Bruce's current wife), and Tallulah Willis.

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By: Jessica dos santos

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