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Total peace for Colombia

Hello. The Waraira Repano becomes a witness of a historical event for the Latin American region. Find out what it is about here.

dialogue for life

I tell you that the most important event of yesterday's session does not have Venezuela as its protagonist, but our country plays a very important role. As I told you in a previous newsletter, Caracas is the venue for a new cycle of talks between the government of President Gustavo Petro and the National Liberation Army (ELN).. The antecedent of this space in search of peace were the talks in Quito, between 2017 and 2019, which were suspended by the government of Iván Duque.

The installation of this dialogue table was carried out at the Humboldt Hotel, in the Waraira Repano. There they participate:

  • By the government: Otty Patiño, former member of M19; the president of the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen, José Felix Lafaurie; Senators Iván Cepeda and María José Pizarro; former senator Alberto Castilla and anthropologist Horacio Guerrero.
  • For the ELN: Pablo Beltrán, Aureliano Carbonell, Bernardo Téllez, Gustavo Martínez, Consuelo Tapias, Silvana Guerreo and Isabel Torres.

The meeting is directed by the High Commissioner for Peace, Danilo Rueda, and counts as guarantors the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of Cuba and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The parties issued a statement announcing their goals. They promise to "build peace based on a democracy with justice" and give priority to the marginalized sectors of society.

The Venezuelan government issued a statement and greeted this historic event "with renewed hopes." Also, President Nicolás Maduro referred to the issue while at an event with students in Miraflores. He said that Colombia can count on Venezuela to achieve “total peace”, which is the way in which President Petro poses one of the most important objectives of his government.

"These talks are a message of hope for a Latin American and Caribbean territory of peace: the time for peace has arrived!"

with the students

Yesterday was Student's Day and there was a march in Caracas that ended in Miraflores and was received by President Nicolás Maduro. There the act of assumption of the new leadership of the Venezuelan Federation of Secondary Education Students and the XIX Congress of Latin American and Caribbean Students was installed.

to collect

Today the pensioners will receive the second month of this year's bonus together with the month of December. So the thing comes double. In total the deposit will be 260 bowling.

a fair background

An important piece of news that I did not tell you about yesterday, but it was over the weekend, is that COP27, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, approved the creation of a fund to finance losses and damages to vulnerable countries that have been hard hit by atmospheric disasters. This proposal has been promoted by Venezuela and other countries for years. It is fair because poor countries always end up paying the gaitero for the disasters made by rich countries, which are undoubtedly the ones that pollute the most.


Yesterday, 51 new cases of covid-19 were reported in Venezuela, with no deaths.

The updated statistics are:

  • 546.890 confirmed cases
  • 862 active cases
  • 540.201 people recovered (99%)
  • 5.827 deceased

War crime

NYT verifies videos of execution of captive Russian military by Ukrainian soldiers

Something important in the international field is the case of the execution of 11 imprisoned Russian soldiers by the Ukrainian army. Videos circulated last week clearly showing how the Russians were lying on the ground, being shot and then seeing the bodies in pools of blood. It took the New York Times, a gringo medium, to carry out a "visual investigation" and say that the video is true for the Western media to accept, albeit timidly and with euphemisms, what Russia has been denouncing: that Ukraine commits crimes of war.

The brief space in which he is not...

At dawn the sad news of the death, at the age of 79, of the singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés was known. He was one of the founders of the Nueva Trova Cubana movement and, in general, one of the most outstanding exponents of Cuban popular music. He had been living in Madrid for years and being treated for cancer. About a week ago it was learned that he had been hospitalized and resisted until last night. This is sure to get a lot of attention today.

Well folks, that's all I have to tell you for now. stay online for so you don't miss anything. We read again tomorrow.


Angel González
I write #ElInformante and #DatosÚN in Últimas Noticias.

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