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They want to privatize education

Good morning. Here you will find everything you need to know to start the day right.

Maduro is on the street, mobilized. Yesterday he was in the Valles del Tuy, he visited Santa Teresa, Cúa and Charallave, where there was a massive gathering. He moved by motorcycle, on foot and by car. Even a stick of water fell on him. But what I want to highlight here in the first place was the reflection that he made when he was inspecting the rehabilitation works of a school in Santa Teresa. He pointed out the seriousness of political sectors whose project is to come to power to privatize everything, even things as fundamental as education. He released this alert so that everyone understands what is at stake on July 28.

“There are people who want to privatize education, we cannot let them come to power. They want to privatize education like they did in Argentina… We must be aware that we are defending the right to the future. “Do not let it be taken away from you, and the right to the future is guaranteed with the united people.”

Maduro gave another warning: “We need peace before, during and after July 28,” he said. This is because the most extremist sectors of the opposition have plans to "embarrass the country" and claim fraud when they are defeated, just as the losing candidate is doing in Mexico, who although she lost by beating is saying that the elections were stolen from her.

Works and credits

The President, in addition to the Guillermo Cova school in Santa Teresa, delivered a CDI and an SRI in Cúa and a sports center in Charallave. But that was not all, also announced that loans for 4 and a half million dollars were approved through the Bank of Venezuela. This is how Governor Héctor Rodríguez broke it down in X:

Materially impossible

Meanwhile, Jorge Rodríguez and Delcy Rodríguez led a massive demonstration in Bolívar state to support Maduro and reject the sanctions. There Jorge Rodríguez released a forceful phrase: “it is materially impossible” May the right win on July 28.

“It is impossible for these thieves to win the elections on July 28, on the contrary we are going to upset them. "We are going to make them bite the dust of defeat and make them feel defeated for 20 more years."

Lula with Venezuela

Talking about the July 28 election, yesterday Maduro spoke by phone with Lula Da Silva, president of Brazil. Lula reaffirmed his support for the Barbados agreements and his desire for broad electoral support on July 28. In the note published by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, they highlight that Lula "expressed his expectation that the sanctions in force against Venezuela can be lifted, in order to contribute so that the electoral process can move forward in a climate of trust and understanding."

The CEV is not aware

After Maduro broke the news on Monday that the Pope signed the canonization of José Gregorio Hernández, the president of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, Jesús González de Zárate, came out to say that “there is no concrete news” about this, with the clear intention to deny the President. However, Maduro said on Monday “I have the video” of the Pope confirming the matter and on Tuesday he showed it on his cell phone to a group of people in Isnotú, José Gregorio's hometown. You can read how this was in this chronicle by the journalist from Últimas Noticias Chose Rojas, who was at the scene of the incident. It seems that the CEV is not well aware of what is happening in the Vatican, not even what has to do with José Gregorio's cause.

Fulfilled word

Last week, when Maduro created the Ministry of the Elderly, he said that a group of Casas de Abuelas y Abuelos had asked him to take them to Los Roques. Maduro promised them to do it. Well, yesterday the report came out about the experience they had when Maduro kept his promise and more than 100 grandmothers and grandfathers They enjoyed their trip to one of the most important tourist destinations in Venezuela. Watch this video with part of what has circulated:

water is coming

Tropical wave number four of the season is in the center of the country. According to Inameh This will be even water in half of Venezuela, specifically; Guayana Esequiba, Anzoátegui, Aragua, Carabobo, Guárico, Bolívar, southern Amazonas, northwest Barinas, western Falcón/Lara, Mérida, Trujillo and Zulia. “In the rest of the country it remains partially cloudy,” the report said.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that yesterday's exchange tables showed an average of 36,52 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.


Milei Vs Congress

In Argentina things are becoming more turbulent every day. The majority of Congress approved a reform that increases pensions and retirements, which unleashed the anger of the unstable Milei, who is applying an ultra-neoliberal adjustment. The guy responded that he is going to veto any project they send from Congress that does not suit his interests. “I'm going to veto everything, I don't give a damn,” he said at a conference.

At the same event Milei said proudly who plans to lay off 75.000 public administration workers: “In terms of contracts, we are going to end up laying off 75.000 people, we have already had 25.000.”

Sheinbaum: open all the boxes

The elected president of Mexico does not beat around the bush. As the people of Xóchitl Gálvez do not quite accept that they lost, Sheinbaum He proposed that all the boxes be opened and all the votes counted.

“For this reason, we agree that all the electoral packages that have to be opened be opened. We asked for it this way in 2006, so now let all the packages be opened because we are sure of the result we obtained.”

Who will stop the Zionist genocide?

Although there have been many critical voices, the Zionist State of Israel has not backed down one millimeter and continues to kill people in droves every day. Yesterday it was reported that the Al Aqsa hospital, located in Gaza, has received more than 70 dead and 300 injured as a consequence of the bombings and indiscriminate attacks carried out by the Zionist army.

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