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Maximum penalty for perpetrators of electrical warfare

We begin this tour with the most relevant news in the country, with the request made by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, regarding the application of the maximum prison sentence for material and intellectual authors of the war against the National Electrical System.

“I ask the prosecution to give him 30 years for treason and terrorism,” he demanded after announcing that several people are already detained for these events, which he did not hesitate to denounce are part of the right-wing plans to generate violence and claim fraud in the elections of July 28.

The candidate of the revolutionary forces also emphasized that the empire will not return to Venezuela "neither with puppets, nor with surnames nor with oligarchies."

Cumanacoa will be reborn!

During the visit that President Maduro made this Tuesday to Cumanacoa, instructed to accelerate the work and committed to the rebirth of this Sucre town that was affected by the rains caused by the passage of Hurricane Beryl through the Venezuelan Caribbean.

“Someone from the right came out to say that those rains that fell were the fault of Maduro, those people hate and are deceivers by trade, here we are going to recover completely, the important thing is that life was preserved, you are alive and the material is recovered. I came here to see everything with my eyes and to accelerate the plans, rest assured that as we saw the rebirth of Tovar, which was left under the stones, and as we saw the rebirth of Tejerías, Cumanacoa will be reborn sooner rather than later," said the national leader.

Prosecutors meet

And after the complaint made regarding plans by opposition extremism to hire Colombian paramilitaries to generate violence in Venezuela, Attorney General Tarek William Saab reported that this Wednesday he will hold a “telematic” meeting with his counterpart from Colombia, Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón, in order to address this issue.

He remembered that this complaint arose from the central command of the Conquering Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra (UCSN), who through a statement indicated that some people identified with the opposition leadership had contacted them to propose attacking the Venezuelan electrical infrastructure and against the candidate president Nicolás Maduro, infiltrating protests and generating chaos in the streets.

Political terrorism

Continuing in the line of denouncing the violence and terror that a political sector of the Venezuelan opposition intends to impose, the president of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Jorge Rodríguez, denounced the death threats that the opposition mayor of the Rojas municipality has received. of Barinas state, Pedro Antonio Abreu, after he expressed his intention to join the campaign in favor of the re-election of the candidate of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro.

Rodríguez pointed out that from parliament the Permanent Commission on Internal Policy will investigate this case, while indicating the decision to request the Public Ministry to also investigate these threats.

"As soon as these violent terrorists knew that Mayor Abreu had made the decision for the sake and defense of peace, harmony, consensus, to defend our sovereignty, they activated terror, hatred and unleashed violence against Mayor Abreu," he said. .

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that the exchange tables showed an average of 36,45 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.

Warning to Europe

Already expanding our gaze to the global news sphere, we come across the warning that Saudi Arabia would have made to Europe if the authorities of the old continent decide to confiscate almost 300.000 million dollars of Russian assets that they keep illegally frozen.

According to sources cited by the American media dedicated to finance and commerce Bloomberg, the action to be carried out by the Saudi Government would be the sale of some holdings of European debt, mainly from France, which could amount to tens of billions of euros.

Mercosur without Milei

The delegations of the States parties and associates of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening the regional bloc, after the LXIV Summit of Heads of State held on Monday in Asunción, Paraguay, where the only absent ruler was the Argentine far-right Javier Milei.

At the summit, the authorities expressed "their firm commitment to the strengthening, revitalization and updating of Mercosur, with emphasis on the intensification of external negotiations, which allow for greater international insertion of the bloc."

The meeting was attended by the presidents of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Squid da Silva; from Paraguay, Santiago Peña; from Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou; from Bolivia, Luis Arce, while Foreign Minister Diana Mondino attended for Argentina, a founding member of the bloc.

Genocide in Gaza is greater

Highlighting the severity of the massacre that Israeli Zionism is committing against the people of Palestine in Gaza, a team of three researchers from the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada calculated that the actual death toll due to the invasion of Benjamin Netanyahu's government into Palestinian territory, it could exceed 186.000.

In a recent study published last Friday in The Lancet, researchers point out that “armed conflicts have indirect consequences for health, beyond the direct damage caused by violence,” noting that these “indirect deaths” include people who They die from hunger, thirst or exposure to communicable and non-communicable diseases, a figure that “in recent conflicts has been between 3 and 15 times higher than that of direct deaths.”

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