WhatsApp will delete accounts without prior notice, here we give you the reasons

Sending messages repeatedly to unscheduled recipients, being blocked by several users in a short time, sending spam information or sharing dangerous links, will be reasons why WhatsApp may temporarily or permanently suspend an account.

According to the web portal of Página12, it points out that other reasons why the messaging APP may delete an account will be that the cell phone user is identified as a minor or that he has installed extensions of applications generated by third parties, as is the case with WhatsApp Plus.

The temporary or permanent suspension of the account will be decided by the messaging platform in the event that the aforementioned faults are serious or made repeatedly. With the suspension being temporary, WhatsApp will not allow the use of the account and, depending on the 'severity', a counter will be displayed on the screen with the time in which the user will remain blocked.

The extreme case will be when the cell phone number associated with the application shows the following message: «Your phone number is not authorized to use our service. Contact support for help. Some of these sanctions are already in progress for those who send spam information or through bots, automatic messages. 

The messaging platform, owned by Facebook, made public the new conditions to remain a user on its official website.



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