They create a detector that controls social distancing

One of the most effective measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus is social distancing, which should be 1,5 to 2 meters, according to the WHO and the RT news portal.

But not all meet this standard. To better control it, the startup Landing AI created an AI-based distancing detector that could be used in companies or factories that continue to operate during quarantine.

"While millions of people stay home to help flatten the curve, many of our customers in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries continue to have to go to work every day to ensure our basic needs," they explain on the company's website.

The program shows in real time how people, represented by points, move in a specific space. When a person respects the recommended distance, the point that represents them is green, but when two or more people are too close to each other, their points turn red.

The company says that the tool can be used in work environments, integrating into the security camera systems of companies or factories. The program could also issue an alert when one person is too close to another, violating social distancing.  

Initially, the system was designed for those people who work during quarantine, but as soon as the restrictions are lifted it could be used in other areas.

The idea itself is not new, as Reuters reported earlier this month that Amazon is using a similar program to monitor distances between personnel in its warehouses. 

Meanwhile, companies Apple and Google are also developing technology that allows mobile devices to exchange information and track contacts to monitor the spread of the coronavirus, and show who has been in close contact with infected people.



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