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HomeProgrammersGamersThe Samsung Odyssey Ark 55'' monitor arrived in Venezuela

The Samsung Odyssey Ark 55” monitor arrived in Venezuela

Now available in all official Samsung stores nationwide.

The trend and love for gaming penetrates more and more into the veins of the Venezuelan public and market, which is why, day after day, important technology brands such as Samsung begin to turn their gaze towards the native gamer in search of satisfying their demanding needs. needs, and for this reason, the South Korean giant has finally decided to bring and present its new Samsung Odyssey Ark 55” gamer monitor to our country.

Last Thursday May 18, CLX Venezuela (Official Partner of Samsung Latin America) invited the team of to Avanti's gallery to reveal the arrival of the aforementioned Samsung Odyssey Ark. Although the monitor was launched in the rest of the world in August of last year, it is just arriving nationally through all official Samsung stores.

  • The Samsung Odyssey Ark 55'' gamer monitor arrived in Venezuela (1)
  • The Samsung Odyssey Ark 55'' gamer monitor arrived in Venezuela (1)

We tested it!

With its 55-inch curved screen, aspect ratio of 21:9, after our first approach, it was obvious that we would be impressed when facing a monitor of that size thanks to its curved design that generates a much more immersive experience.

Of course, this massive monitor had to be supported by a robust steel support that allows the height of the panel to be adjusted in order to facilitate the possibility of turning it vertically, being called “cabin mode”.

You are probably wondering how you will be able to connect the Samsung Odyssey Ark and you will be able to do it through an external module where all the connections go, the same one that comes with the brand's high-end TVs. It has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, two USB and one ethernet.

How does it behave with games?

Being a range completely focused on the gamer public, it was obvious that the ideal litmus test would be a new generation delivery. In the demo, we were able to play Forza Horizon 5, the hit arcade racing simulator exclusive to Xbox.

Being 55 inches and a curved design, vehicle simulators will always be the best option for this type of monitor, offering a viewing angle that immerses the user in the game. Otherwise you would feel the shooters, for example. This is because the viewing angle is so wide that you would have to move your head from one side to the other as it is impossible to view everything at the same time.

An important addition to the incredible technical specifications of this monitor is that since last year, all Samsung Smart TVs, in addition to being compatible with Xbox controls, have integrated the Gaming Hub, allowing you to enjoy the entire catalog. of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate thanks to its built-in app out of the box.

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