Telegram and Signal grow at the expense of WhatsApp

Changes in WhatsApp policies, in relation to the transfer of data to its owner company, Facebook have generated a big potential exit of users who, fearful of the transfer of WhatsApp data to Facebook, have begun to explore alternatives to what, even today, is still the most widely used instant messaging service in the world.

One of the indicators of this is that Telegram has exceeded 500 million active users. It is not a huge surprise, since a few weeks ago the service had shown an unusual growth and was already approaching that number, but the striking thing is that according to the service itself, in the last 72 hours more than 25 million have been added of new users.

Already in April 2020 the company said that it had reached 400 million, we see that the growth of these days has been exponentially higher than usual, something that in all probability is due to changes in WhatsApp, refers the portal .

As indicated in the message in which Telegram informs its users of this milestone, it seems that the invitations sent by users to their contacts to enter the service have been an important factor for this growth. So much so that, in addition to thanking them, Telegram suggests welcoming these new users using the service's own functions, such as animated stickers or video messages.

On the other hand, and just as reports Business Insider, Signal downloads have skyrocketed 4.200% since WhatsApp's announcement about the transfer of data to Facebook. With a much more modest user quota, Signal has long been the instant messaging service of choice for the most demanding users when it comes to privacy.