Smart watch can detect snoring sounds

The new smartwatch features a 20% faster CPU and 50% more RAM

Samsung innovates with the Galaxy Watch4 line, which offers next-generation smartwatches with various functionalities in a sporty or elegant style. This is the first device to offer the calculation of body composition by bioimpedance directly from the pulse.

These are the main features of the Galaxy Watch4:

Revamped operational system 

The Galaxy Watch4 line is the first generation of smartwatches to use Wear OS ™ * Powered by Samsung. This platform, built by the South Korean brand and Google, takes the smartwatch experience to a new level, allowing the user to get more out of Google apps and Google Maps, as well as services from the Galaxy ecosystem, such as Samsung Pay, SmartThings and Bixby.

For more benefits, the Warch4 line is more integrated with the Galaxy platform thanks to Samsung's new One UI Watch and the Wear operating system.

With the One UI Watch, compatible applications are automatically installed on the watch when it is downloaded to the smartphone, and important settings - such as do not disturb time and blocked calls - are instantly synced.

10 times faster

The Galaxy Watch4 series features the first 5nm processor in a Galaxy Watch - with a 20% faster CPU and 50% more RAM, and a GPU 10 times faster than the previous generation. This means scrolling and multitasking on the Galaxy Watch4 series is smooth and effortless.

The screen resolution has also been expanded to 450 x 450 pixels, allowing you to enjoy sharper and more distinct images.

Design, varied looks and durability 

Simple in design, more solid and differentiating, the Watch4 has a ring made of Armor Aluminun, a more resistant metal alloy, which offers more durability and resistance.  

It also has different options of bracelets, which allows the same Galaxy Watch4 to combine with various pieces of clothing, looks and different styles.

Long duration battery 

With so many features and functions, a powerful and reliable battery is necessary for the smartwatch to run for long periods of time. Joined the new Galaxy Watch4 line: a battery of up to 40 hours duration. That is more than enough for a whole day of use and, in the event that the user has an emergency, 30 minutes of charging will give up to 10 hours of battery life.

The Galaxy Watch4 also offers an interesting and detailed sleep monitoring system that, in conjunction with the smartphone, allows detecting the sounds of snoring and measuring the oxygenation level of the blood while the user sleeps. This allows you to classify the quality of your sleep with respect to your well-being, so that you learn and / or modify the patterns and conditions of your sleep that allow you to obtain a restful and healthy rest.



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