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Síragon brings new 5000 series monitors between 24 and 27 inches

There are six monitors that will give a totally dynamic experience to the user

The Venezuelan company Síragon will bring its six new monitors under a creative, executive and high-performance concept, three of the five personalities of the brand, which seeks to adapt to the needs of each client and their technological demands.

These new models are the 5000 series IPS LED PANEL, 24” and 27” respectively, and belong to the “Executive” category, created for clients who need to expand their workspace. Ideal for both the home office and the company office.

In this same series, 25” and 27” monitors will arrive with Fast IPS, which, unlike conventional IPS, allows the liquid crystal on the screen to change up to 4 times faster, giving the user a totally dynamic experience. Síragon reported in a press release.

In addition to the corporate world, Síragon also brings options for those who require a team where creativity can overcome all limits. That is why they launched their 1500” and 32” PANEL LED 24R VA curved monitors, ideal for lovers of the world of gaming, as well as graphic designers, music producers and all those who identify with the concept of “Creatives”.

These new products will arrive very soon at all branches of the Ivoo store in Venezuela.

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