Samsung presents smart monitor with Wi-Fi connection

The Samsung Smart Monitor integrates the necessary functions to have the classroom and home office, as well as entertainment, integrating all these functions in a single screen, keep you connected and interact with the world, even without the need to have a PC at home .

Wifi connection, in addition to compatibility with Samsung DEX, to have a complete PC experience, without having a PC using your Samsung Smartphone. 

Samsung DeX is a software platform that extends your smartphone or tablet to a desktop computing experience. … This allows users to connect their mobile device to a compatible Windows PC or Mac to access DeX directly from their computer.

It has built-in productivity apps like Office 365 to view and edit documents, make presentations, and more. You can also hold video conferences, enjoy your favorite mobile content and applications while browsing the web.

With the remote access functions and Office 365 you can remotely access all the files on your personal computer and work from anywhere, without having to take the PC with you.

Compatible with all USB-C portable and mobile devices, the Smart Monitor is capable of transferring large amounts of data with high bandwidths.

Its advanced eye comfort technology reduces eyestrain and eliminates screen flickering to minimize emitted blue light, ideal for long hours of study and work.


The Samsung Smart Monitor is a gateway to a world of entertainment applications such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO among others, without the need to turn on the PC or laptop and with integrated speakers and remote control with built-in speaker, make this monitor a complete viewing experience.

If you want to review the photos and videos saved on your phone on a larger screen, with the Tap View function, you simply tap the monitor with the phone and instantly you can see all the content of your cell phone screen on the monitor.

This smart monitor has an AI-based Adaptive Image feature that automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature to ensure the best possible image quality, even in dark lighting conditions.