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Samsung introduces the new Sound Tower 2022 to the market

Powerful portable speaker will make your celebration stand out

Give your parties the best sound and atmosphere with Samsung's new Sound Tower 2022, a powerful portable speaker that will make your celebration stand out.

Samsung's MX-ST40B and MX-STB50B sound towers were designed specifically for music in party settings, indoors or out. Its 160-watt (STB40) and 240-watt (STB50) amplifier deliver two-way wall-to-wall sound. The built-in driver arrays fire at an angle from one another, generating a wide area of ​​sound coverage.

Both speakers are IPX5-rated, meaning they're resistant to extreme outdoor conditions like rain, humidity, dust, and bugs. Enjoy music without worrying about the sound going off.

Share DJ features

You can pair up to two mobile devices to the Sound Tower at once via Bluetooth, so you and a friend can take turns queuing up tracks and playlists. This speaker also pairs with Bluetooth-enabled TVs in case you want to enhance your soundtracks as well.

You can add a second Sound Tower and pair the two in stereo mode, or group up to 10 Sound Towers together in Group Play mode for even more coverage. Just download the free Samsung Sound Tower mobile app to make sound adjustments and change the light mode.

New 2022 models include enhanced lighting effects for more glamorous settings. With an overwhelmingly larger number of LED lights and various lighting modes, you can enjoy sound-synchronized lighting effects. And it's easy to adjust the effects using the dedicated app on your mobile device.

If your parties always end with a good Karaoke, the Sound Tower STB50 Karaoke mode, a special function of the Sound Tower that can create a more pleasant atmosphere. You can also adjust the microphone volume according to the sound volume.

The Sound Tower has a built-in high-capacity battery that lasts up to 18 hours. The music will never stop and the pleasant atmosphere will continue unabated.


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