Microsoft introduces new laptop and Windows version for school

The American software giant Microsoft announced this Tuesday in the framework of its Reimagine a new laptop and a version of Windows 11 designed specifically for use in schools, with the aim of competing with Google's Chromebook.

The new computer from the firm from Redmond (Washington state, USA) is priced at $ 249, has been dubbed the Surface SE and comes equipped with Windows 11 SE, the version of the operating system aimed at primary education.

The Surface SE has an 11,6-inch screen, Intel Celeron processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, quite simple technical specifications and designed to carry out basic tasks such as creating and editing documents or browsing the internet, refers EFE.

For its part, Windows 11 SE is highly cloud-centric, where most files and settings are stored so that they can be easily shared and accessible from remote computers, as well as allowing IT managers in schools to maintain tight control over the installed applications.

Microsoft has been trying for some time to increase the presence of its equipment and services in the world of education, where it is increasingly common for students to work in class through a computer either from physical classrooms in schools or from home in the case of distance learning.

However, despite the great market dominance that Windows continues to have in the computer sector, Google Chromebooks were the big winners at the start of the covid-19 pandemic last year, attracting the attention of hundreds from thousands of students and teachers for its simple design and low price.



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